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Chapter 76

He was wearing a white robe that anyone would feel was a perfect match for him. And only when this white robe was on him would it be able to reveal its white characteristics. Black hair flowed down his back, his eyes radiated like the sun. Long arched eyebrows were painted on his kite-shaped face. His nose was straight and arched. He held a gold scepter in his hand. Standing there under the sun, people couldn’t help but fall onto their knees and worship him. 

She was amazed, and couldn’t hide her shock. 

That’s right, she was stunned, albeit only slightly. She’s seen many beautiful people already and that couldn’t shake her heart anymore. She was just surprised that he had the same eyes as her sister. More accurately, he had the same persistent, unyielding light in his eyes as her sister. 

“Who are you?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“I am Shuang Ruyue.”

This was an interesting answer that had a nostalgic meaning. 

Lu Shiqian wondered if there was something wrong with him. When she asked him ‘who are you,’ she meant it as, ‘what the f*ck are you doing here?’

Shuang Ruyue didn’t have a subordinate answer for him and instead answered with his name. Shuang Ruyue… no one has called him that for a long time. 

“Audacious! Why have you not kneeled yet?!” the knights surrounded the Son of Light and threatened. 

Lu Shiqian sweeped her eyes over the knights and her eyes chilled. So it was the Church of Light. What a pity! She destroyed the Church of Light’s branch in the West County, and was hostile to this man. It looks like they’re destined to be enemies. 

“R-Ren Woxing, we should go complete the mission…” the Crimson Wolf member rushed over. The wolves took away the bodies as they left and got rid of all the evidence. He was frightened and went over. He saw Shuang Ruyue and was stunned by his appearance, then immediately bowed, “R-Respects to the Son of Light.”

This was too shocking for the heart! He just witnessed a massacre and in the next second, he’s seeing the Son of Light! He swore that he’s never felt so tense in his life before!

The Son of Light was of an extremely high status. He could be distinguished by his scepter and badge of light on his clothes. 

Lu Shiqian was miffed: so even Crimson Wolf has to pay their respects to the Son of Light. 

She was afraid that she’d landed herself in a sticky situation for a long time, especially in the future where she would be with Shuang Ruyue.

The Church of Light had churches in all the empires. They had many believers and were a behemoth in religion. They developed rapidly over the past thousand years and even the royal family had to bow in front of them, not to mention a lowly Crimson Wolf member!

“You, hurry up and kneel!” the bishop admonished. If it wasn’t because of the Son of Light not passing down any orders, he would’ve killed this trash Rank 2 Mage on the spot! A little mage actually dared to defy the Church?!

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Sorry but I don’t recognize this Son of Light person. The person standing in front of me is Shuang Ruyue.”

After all, she had lived in a world where every person is equal. He is just a peerlessly handsome young man. How could she possibly kneel to one that was younger than herself? Heh, in the other world, she was already 23 years old. This child that looks warm yet cold seems only about 18 or 19 years old. If someone needs to kneel, it should be him kneeling to her!

Lu Shiqian wasn’t loud, but they were more than enough to stir up thousands of waves.

The Bishop’s face turned unsightly, “What did you say?”

“I said, if someone needs to kneel, then it should be him.” Lu Shiqian foolhardily said. 

Shuang Ruyue blinked his eyes, revealing a sly emotion outside of his usual gentleness. This woman was really unusual. She was really… interesting! She even wants him to kneel to her! “Your Majesty, please allow me to punish her for her sin!” the knights surrounding him requested. They would immediately attack at the slightest nod of his head. 

“Your Majesty, she may be a heathen from the Church of Darkness. Please let me eradicate her,” the bishop raised his magic power and said. His eyes stared at the Death God behind Lu Shiqian.

“Oh, so this is the attitude of the so-called Church of Light. So they kill anyone they don’t like, huh.” Lu Shiqian coldly smiled. 

The Crimson Wolf member was breaking out in cold sweat. Bishop master, young miss master, do you all have to be so bullheaded? The other party is the Church of Light for heaven’s sake! 

Shuang Ruyue looked at Lu Shiqian with interest. She was strange, so unusual! She’s so different from everyone else! “I think this woman’s heart is pure and filled with my Father’s holy light. This is the type of person we should protect,” he smiled and said. 

The knights were stunned and the bishop lurched. 

Pure heart and filled with God’s holy light? How come they don’t see it?

Yes, every year, pure-hearted women from the Church of Light would receive God’s blessing. They are indeed the type of people they should protect. 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. Pure-hearted and holy… how come she never knew these traits about herself? Looking at the playful Shuang Ruyue, she rolled her eyes. This person is definitely an extraordinary black belly! Thinking of this, she didn’t want to have anything to do with these people. She hurriedly said, “Brothers, it was fate for us to meet on this day. May you have blessings on your long, difficult journey. Fare thee well!” She lifted her feet and swiftly left. 

Shuang Ruyue gently smiled, “I told you my name, but you still haven’t told me yours yet you’re leaving already?”

“Ren Woxing,” Lu Shiqian called from the distance. 

The Crimson Wolf member quickly caught up, his heart pounding in fear. He was scared to death. That Son of Light gave off such an intense pressure!

Crimson Wolf? Ren Woxing? Shuang Ruyue’s mouth curled up in an ambiguous smile. 

“Your Majesty, that woman is extremely strange. The man in black next to her may have something to do with the Church of Darkness…” the bishop hurriedly said.

Shuang Ruyue glanced sternly at him, “Third Bishop, did you not hear me earlier?”

The bishop broke out in cold sweat. The Son of Light was too powerful! He suppressed the terror in his heart and replied, “Yes.” 

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