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Chapter 77

Ren Woxing, it seems like we’ll meet again soon…

“Sis, you should avoid missions that cross provincial borders for a while. Even though Wu Fu is a bastard, he is still the county official.” Qiu Di held Lu Shiqian’s hands as she said. 

Lu Shiqian nodded her head. She wasn’t the type to not listen to reason, but she was also not a coward. The reason why she killed Wu Fu was only because he tried to kill her first. She didn’t intend to hunt him down. Qiu Di’s words reminded her of her prior decision to join Crimson Wolf: one to gain experience, two to decrease unnecessary trouble. 

In the mission hall of Crimson Wolf, no rank tasks were on the first floor. Those were just some small tasks such as delivering items or sending letters to get familiar with the team. C-Rank missions were on the second floor and can generally be completed by a Rank 1 mage or practitioner. Those missions could entail guarding a mansion or the like. B-Rank missions were on the third level and for Rank 3 mages and practitioners to collect One Star Magic Beast Cores or for small team battles. A-Rank missions were on the fourth level and usually accepted by Rank 4 mages or practitioners. These typically required full team effort and contents were diverse such as escort, guarding, hunting, etc., etc…. There were also S-Rank missions on the fifth floor. They were extremely difficult and required a lot of effort.

Lu Shiqian’s goals were on the fourth floor. C-Rank and B-Rank missions were too easy and not worth the time, although she was slightly interested in A-Rank missions. 

She walked straight to the fourth floor. Compared to the excitement on the third floor, this floor could be called deserted. 

There were A-Rank missions, but there was only one now: to defend the East Wind County. 

This mission was sent out by the East Wind County and 20,000 gold coins were given as a reward. They requested 50 to 100 Rank 4 or 5 powerhouses to drive away the trouble.

This was a pretty decent reward since A-Rank missions were usually only half the amount given. Therefore, more than a dozen people signed up today. 

There were a few prominent ones in the room. One was extremely strong and had bulky muscles. The expression on his face was firm and he was at least two heads taller than others in a crowd. He carried a broadsword on his back. The other had a cold and indifferent look on his face, his long hair covering his eyes. The last one was an amiable-looking old man, the wrinkles on his face revealing his wisdom. 

There were no women on this team.

“I want to sign up,” Lu Shiqian walked to the desk and said. 

The registration clerk lifted his eyes and glanced at Lu Shiqian. At first, he was surprised, but then he dismissed: “Sorry Young Miss, this place isn’t for you to play around in.” What kind of joke was this? A mere Rank 2 Mage wanted to take on an A-Rank mission?

“I want to sign up,” Lu Shiqian repeated.

The registration clerk mocked, “You are too weak. Are you going to sign up and then latch onto someone else’s thigh?!”

“Master, should I poison him a little?” Shui Se evilly commented.

Lu Shiqian didn’t want to blow up the matter and have Qiu Di bear the consequences, “No need.”

Lu Shiqian asked, “How can I sign up?”

The person angrily retorted, “You can’t sign up no matter what! Crimson Wolf has rules of its own! You are too low in rank. If you want to make money, go take on some other missions instead!” In the end, he looked lecherously at Lu Shiqian, “If you’re willing to accompany me, your daddy me might think about it…”

Lu Shiqian’s expression didn’t change. There was always garbage anywhere you go. This person was only one of them. Since he wanted to be this way, there’s no other choice.

Hong Jin quickly jumped over, his little claws slashing over faster than lightning. His claws were sharp as an arrow; his two tails resembled that of a deity. He scratched the man across his face turning him into a pig!

Hong Jin was extremely fast. Even though the clerk was a Rank 4 powerhouse, he wasn’t able to fight back. That was when it dawned on him that this woman was not someone he could go against. 

“Am I eligible to register now?” Lu Shiqian smiled and asked. If you don’t teach some people a lesson, they won’t know that the Horse God has three eyes. 

That man also learned his lesson and hurriedly nodded, “Yes, yes, yes. Just wait one moment!” 

When the Fire Fox made his move, the muscular man looked slightly surprised. The cold man lifted his head slightly while the amiable old man’s smile seemed to become deeper. 

After some twists and turns, Lu Shiqian finally received the East Wind County’s mission. 

The East Wind County was located in the Northwest of the Qin Empire and was surrounded by a mysterious forest. It was a county with simple folks and not a lot of competition. Speaking of that, there has never been a battle or war in this county before. Even during the early days of the Qin Empire as the flames of war spread across the entire empire, it didn’t warrant the East Wind County to make a move. Before the start of the war, the county surrendered to the future Emperor of Qin. Later, when the Qin Empire was in times of distraught, it never entered a battle. They only stuck to one side. It was peaceful and safe there, a paradise on earth.

However, the East Wind County requested for help from the outside world. ‘Beastmen were attacking the East Wind County, please send help!’

Beastmen, according to the records of the ancients, generally live in the mountains and forests. They had their own social order and laws. They never had any interaction with humans. 

According to rumors, beastmen were incomparably violent, incomparably ugly, and incomparably powerful. 

‘This A-Rank mission seems interesting.’

Lu Shiqian held her chin and thought.

Since this task was urgent, there were only 2 days of time between the passing down of the mission and the meeting time. 

The 103 people gathered prepared to leave. 

“Sister go first, I will rush there after two days.” Qiu Di said, “If you have a question, ask Uncle Beard. He’s the oldest and knows a lot.”

‘Uncle Beard… so that was the amiable old man.’

Lu Shiqian nodded. Qiu Di was the first female friend she made ever since she came to this world. She treasured this friendship.

The Magic Horse neighed and over a hundred mercenaries set off!

Everyone looked forward to this mission. The large reward was only one part of it. The other part was which mercenary didn’t have passion to challenge the unknown and themselves?

Similarly, Lu Shiqian also harbored great expectations for this mission. 

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