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Chapter 78

She was part of the Dragon Group in the other world which was kind of similar to mercenaries. Setting off on a mission rekindled the fire and anticipation she felt in the past. 

The difference was that in the other world, everything had to be done by oneself. Other than some basic preparations, there was no help provided. 

But here, she had many comrades!

This feeling was different so naturally, the experience itself was different!

Be that as it may, she could still feel the unusual circumstances surrounding this mission. She listened to Shui Se’s advice and bought many dried fruits and meat and stored them in her interspatial bracelet just in case. 

“Master, if it really is beastmen, then it will be very dangerous. You must be careful,” Shui Se solemnly said.

The Crystal Scorpion had one huge secret: it could have memories of the previous generation. That way, the things they knew far surpassed that of human knowledge. 

Lu Shiqian nodded.

The 103 people were divided into 5 smaller teams. Lu Shiqian, the amiable old man Uncle Beard, muscleman, cold youth were all assigned to one team. 

Along the way, Uncle Beard told her a lot of adventuring stories and the dangers of it. He was full of knowledge and fun to listen to. Lu Shiqian was delighted as she listened to him. 

Uncle Beard looked at the beautiful woman listening intently to his stories and nodded his head. How could he not tell? This type of woman looked cold on the outside but was passionate inside. This kind of person would pursue a goal with all their might. She was that kind of stubborn and determined person. 

They marched on slowly and sometimes met some magic beast attacks. Every time, the muscleman would charge forward first. His fist was like iron, his kicks like steel. He carried a domineering aura and was skilled. She only knew after she asked him that he was a Rank 6 practitioner. 

That cold youth was indifferent the whole way, but magic power pulsed off of him. He was definitely strong. 

As for the others, they were filled with a daring aura that revealed their experience. 

These 5 teams seem quite strong!

Lu Shiqian found the team members suitable to her taste, and the members of course found her pleasing. She was heroic and straightforward, just the right attitude for the mercenaries. She sang loudly, laughed boldly, drank wine from big bowls, chowed into her food, and gradually melded into the group. They had good feelings for each other. 

Lu Shiqian was beautiful, but she was not arrogant because of it. Her inner heart was more beautiful than her appearance. 

From the Great County to the East Wind County, there are three counties in between. It was also necessary to cross many mountains and forests to reach there. Even though the Magic Horses were fast, it would still take at least a week to arrive. 

Lu Shiqian found in addition to the 100 Crimson Wolf members, there were many other groups heading there too. It looks like the East Wind County not only asked Crimson Wolf, but also requested help from other mercenary groups. 

How serious was the matter?

The Crimson Wolf team whipped their horses and sped up. After hurrying for six days, they saw a large forest just a hundred miles away. The East Wind County was on the edge of the forest. 

The members lifted their spirits and rushed forward. 

When they were blocked by a group of people. 

That group numbered around 200 and was deliberately blocking the road. They let their Magic Horses line up in front of the forest, sealing off all entrances. 

“Friends up ahead, will you please let us pass?” Uncle Beard called out. 

This was a sincere statement, yet it only brought a bout of raucous laughter: “You want to pass? Sure, fly then! Otherwise, just follow behind us!”

They were obviously looking for trouble!

This matter actually had something to do with Lu Shiqian. Ever since she killed the deputy head of Raging Fire, they had been in decline. An originally unknown group of yellow rats rapidly replaced Raging Fire as one of the top three mercenary groups. They were planning on defeating Crimson Wolf, so they naturally sook trouble. 

“You, Crimson Wolf, are getting worse and worse! You may as well just let go of your rank 2 position!” A Yellow Rat member yelled. 

Crimson Wolf clenched their fists after he said that. This was a provocation! A clear-cut provocation!

“I was wondering what was blocking the roads, so it was only a bunch of rats! A group of dirty pests that can only grovel around on the floor dare to provoke others?” Lu Shiqian’s soft voice sounded out. It was not high or low, but it cut straight into their hearts. 

The Yellow Rats, Yellow Rats, everyone understood and laughed. Lu Shiqian’s words were venting for them. 

“Try saying that again!” A wretched-looking leader of the Yellow Rats threatened. 

Lu Shiqian calmly said, “I said that you guys are a group of rats.”

Want to threaten her? Sorry, you’ve chose the wrong opponent!

The leader of the Yellow Rats was called Mu He. He glared at Lu Shiqian, ‘A garbage Rank 2 Mage…’

Before he could finish, he was scratched by a sharp object and he raged. But then he saw that the weapon was nothing but a small leaf. They can actually use such a thin and light leaf as a deadly weapon. This skill, how strong could that person be? Furthermore, he couldn’t see who did it at all. His heart lurched and he didn’t make any rash movements. 

Lu Shiqian lightly glanced at the young man with his hair covering his face. The leaf was shot by him just now. He was indeed an expert!

Sure enough, some people just needed to be taught a lesson!

Lu Shiqian coldly asked, “Yellow Rats?” Her mouth curled up in a smile, a counterplan against them formed in her head. 

“Once again, friend, please let us through!” Uncle Beard coldly asked. He didn’t want to sow unnecessary enmity between the two groups, but at this slow pace, how long would it take them to reach the East Wind County?

Mu He lost face but refused to give way, “Fly over if you have the ability!”

This sentence was ridiculous and some mercenaries were angered at the remark. 

To everyone’s awe, Lu Shiqian casted over a hundred Small Fireballs and sent them towards the other party’s Magic Horses, burning away their hair. 

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