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Chapter 79

Beasts are instinctively afraid of fire and the Magic Horses panicked. They screamed and trampled everywhere, throwing the Yellow Rats off their backs. They ran wildly. 

The Yellow Rats fell into disorder, chasing horses and screaming at them. They soon made way. 

The muscleman was quick to react and immediately shouted when he saw a path, “Brothers, charge!”

A group of mercenaries whipped their horses and drove past the Yellow Rats, laughing out loud the whole way. 

Mu He glared at Lu Shiqian’s fading back, so angry he almost broke his yellow teeth!

Closer and closer, clearer and clearer, they saw a vast virgin forest looming in front of them. It covered tens of thousands of miles; its lush trees stretching towards the sky trying to touch it. As soon as they entered, a wave of fresh air swept over them, making them feel lighter. The forest was worshipped by the local people. They relied on the forest to survive, so they never did anything that was bad for it. The forest also gave back to the people of the East Wind County by providing peace and quiet. Very few magic beasts appeared. Mysterious species were said to live within the Virgin Forest. They were said to glow and shine, beautiful without compare. 

The East Wind County lied on the edge of the Virgin Forest. 

The entire forest and city were filled with the lively essence of nature.

Sure enough, they lived in harmony with the forest. The city itself was covered in greenery: the city walls were made out of giant trees, the city streets littered with trees. Every family grew colorful flowers and plants. It was colorful and vibrant as well as fragrant! This city could be called the City of Flowers! Walking through such a beautiful city, the heart grew lighter and more relaxed. 

There were many people coming and going from the city at the moment. Many of them were mercenaries and also some family soldiers. There were even some soldiers from the national army! Of course, there were also famed adventurers and hidden masters. 

They were all recruited by the East Wind County to fight against the beastmen!

“Are the warriors in front from the famed Crimson Wolf Mercenary Group?” a young and energetic voice shouted in surprise, “Welcome, welcome! We’ve been waiting for you all!”

A handsome man with flaxen hair wearing blue leather armor walked towards them. His charismatic smile gave others good feelings. 

His name was Feng Qing, the son of the county governor of the East Wind County. He was 20 years old this year and a Rank 5 practitioner. 

Surprise flashed across his eyes as he glanced across the crowd and spotted Lu Shiqian. 

“Everyone, please follow me! I have already prepared lodgings for the brave mercenaries!” Feng Qing ordered a subordinate to lead and walked to Lu Shiqian. He smiled and greeted, “Beautiful and lovely young lady, I am happy to meet you.”

The East Wind County was simple and unconventional. Men can boldly pursue women they are interested in. 

Feng Qing looked at Lu Shiqian. He thought her hair was beautiful like a black rose; her eyes pretty as the stars; lips charming like pink peaches. She was like the goddess of his dreams! His heart that was calm for 20 years began beating faster. 

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly. The tall young man next to her had fresh breath. She was not annoyed by him. 

This smile caused Feng Qing’s heart to shake. He smiled even more brilliantly and extended a hand, “Beautiful young lady, I am honored to fight beside you!”

The Death God studied Lu Shiqian from far away. The last few days, he had followed his master from a distance. His eyes grew more and more intense, his gaze upon her lasting longer and longer. He didn’t understand what was happening to him. And now, a young man was extending his right hand to her while his heart pounded in his chest. This fast heartbeat seemed to be accompanied by a certain emotion. He seemed to have the same feeling as the man when he looks at his master. 

Master, Master’s face, Master’s… chest. A current passed through the Death God once again. This poor child was electrocuted and fell from the sky. Thankfully, no one noticed. Otherwise, people would think a large, black meteor fell from the sky. 

Lu Shiqian placed her hand in the young man’s hand. It was basic etiquette.

Feng Qing smiled so brightly it blinded the nearby people. 

The girls on the streets saw his smile and nearly swooned. To them, Feng Qing was their prince charming. 

Even though Feng Qing was young, he was very good at governing the East Wind County and was supported by its denizens. He was young and handsome, the dream man of young girls’ dreams. 

And men were throwing flirtatious glances at Lu Shiqian. 

Lu Shiqian had long, black hair and a charismatic temperament. She naturally won the hearts of men easily. 

A group of people walked down the streets, but suddenly saw the people in front of them parting to the sides. The wide open street made the man’s inhalation and woman’s scream all the more clear. 

The man’s inhale was due to the other man’s golden staff while the woman’s scream was due to the sun-like appearance of the dazzling young man.

There were over a hundred people dressed in white ahead of them. 

Lu Shiqian recalled a certain person from a few days ago and frowned. She didn’t expect to meet him again. The world sure was small!

The young man seemed to also spot Lu Shiqian and the smile on his handsome face grew wider. He seemed intent on blinding everyone present: “Ren Woxing, we meet again!” He saw Feng Qing holding Lu Shiqian’s hand and his eyes grew darker, but the smile on his face didn’t change. “It seems my God’s blessing is quite miraculous! You seem even more beautiful than before!” It seemed to be unintentional, but his eyes kept focusing on their held hands. 

This person was the Son of Light Shuang Ruyue. He was originally on a mission to kill Lu Shiqian, but the Pope suddenly sent him a message ordering him to take 3 Bishops, 2 Knights, and 100 regular troops to the East Wind County. He was an intelligent person and naturally understood the intentions of the Pope in bringing so many elites with him. But he didn’t pay any attention to it. He quickly rushed over because he knew Lu Shiqian was also coming here.

Feng Qing didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt a huge pressure pressing down upon him. He looked at Shuang Ruyue and couldn’t help but inhale in surprise. This man was sure extraordinary! After seeing the golden scepter in his hands, he immediately kneeled in ceremony, “Welcome to the Son of Light! It is a privilege to meet you!” He naturally let go of Lu Shiqian’s hand as he knelt, and the strange pressure also disappeared. 

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