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Chapter 80

Shuang Ruyue smiled brightly like the sun and placed his hand on Feng Qing’s head, "May God bless you.”

This ceremony was known as the “baptism” and also means blessings. Not every person can receive it. How many princes and nobles wanted to be baptized like that?

They were both extraordinary young men, but for some reason, Shuang Ruyue took most of the glory. Feng Qing was obviously put down.

“Woah, is that the Son of Light? How handsome!” someone swooned.

“I heard that he is a peerless genius and at such a young age!” someone else praised. 

“He’s holding gold grade equipment! It would be great if I also had that,” someone lamented.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. This guy can sure pretend! She no longer wanted to stay and watch Shuang Ruyue act and swiftly turned around to leave. 

How could Shuang Ruyue let her go that easily? The main purpose of coming here was because of her. Since he’s here now, how could he just let her leave without playing with her some first?

“Young lady blessed with the holy light of my Father, please allow me to baptize you.” Shuang Ruyue said with a straight face, his eyes revealing a strange light. 

Lu Shiqian furrowed her brows: this guy was definitely doing this on purpose! 

Having that pretentious guy place his hand on her head and audaciously stating something about God’s blessings, she definitely can’t stand it!

However, at the same time, it was not wise to go against him. Even if she doesn’t like the Church of Light, she can only attack them in the darkness of the night. 

Lu Shiqian placed a hand on her forehead and fell towards Feng Qing, “Aiyah, I suddenly feel faint! I think I am sick!”

This move invited many reactions.

Feng Qing was flattered: a beauty was in his arms! His face quickly turned red and he prepared to treat her. 

Everyone wondered: then why was she fine and dandy earlier? She says she’s sick and she becomes sick?

The Church of Light’s members’ eyes burned with fury. This woman was too much! How many people wanted to get baptized but couldn’t? This woman was good, claiming sickness to avoid a baptism! 

Shuang Ruyue smiled even more brightly: ‘Ren Woxing, I wasn’t wrong about you. Since you are so out of this world, don’t blame me for not letting you go!’ Furthermore, the scene of the man holding the woman was quite pleasing to the eye!

The Death God was annoyed, ‘Ahh! Even I had not held Master like that yet!’ Next time, he definitely had to do this! Thinking of this, he envisioned the scene in his mind and the poor child was electrocuted once again. 

The Yellow Rats Mu He glared at Lu Shiqian’s back, an evil glint in their eyes, giving rise to a wicked thought. 

The place Lu Shiqian stayed at was a luxurious hotel. The Crimson Wolf mercenaries were also staying here. It was obvious that Feng Qing took extra care of Lu Shiqian and her group and gave them first class treatment!

“Miss Ren rest here for a while. I will call others to go.” When he learned that Lu Shiqian was sick, he didn’t feel annoyed at her. He only found her even cuter. This poor darling… You must be aware of Lu Shiqian’s nature. Would there be another broken heart sometime soon?

This was a sunny room with flowers filling the balcony.

The East Wind County was definitely the best place to live in!

Lu Shiqian’s face darkened, ‘so even the Church of Light showed up here. How many more secrets are there in this trip to the East?’

Sitting on the bed, she took out a few magic stones from her interspatial bracelet and absorbed them. She didn’t know if it was a level limit or something else, but she couldn’t take out too many. Although the ones she could take out weren’t that much of a help on her magic sea, but it was better than nothing. She began to meditate. It was imperative for her to quickly raise her strength!

The Death God landed on the window and looked at his master. Every time she did this, her connection with the other magic beasts would break. He wondered where her consciousness went.

He shook his head and tiptoed towards Lu Shiqian while staring hard at her. 

Why, why? Why is it that every time he sees her, something in his chest beats faster? This was something he had never felt before!

The Death God slowly extended his hand towards her face. Every movement caused a slight trickle of electricity to run through his fingers. However, that feeling really made one addicted! The Death God tilted his head and carefully experimented with this foreign feeling. He remembered the scene of Feng Qing holding Lu Shiqian’s waist and felt strangely annoyed. He didn’t know why. It was like a soul was being snatched away by another death god in front of his face! No, it was even more irritating than that!


Come to think of it, Master’s waist is so thin. It looks like it can be snapped with the slightest pressure. Why is it so thin?

The Death God pondered and carefully observed Lu Shiqian. She had not woken up yet.

He extended a palm and placed it on her waist. It was smooth to the touch and beautiful.

There was another strong current, so strong it sent the Death God back several steps! Something in his chest was also beating hard! He wasn’t frightened like last time and ran out of the room. Instead, he carefully looked for damage on his hand. There seemed to be none. What was that strange electric current? It didn’t harm a person, but it makes people numb all over. How strange!

The Death God once again leaned towards Lu Shiqian. His target this time was her red lips.

He licked his lips. They weren’t as delicate as Master’s and not as red. Delicate and red… It looked quite tasty!

He looked down and hesitantly sniffed. There was a slight fragrance that was different from souls. He stretched out his tongue and licked her forehead, her skin…

Lu Shiqian was currently in the middle of her unconscious mind practicing the second move of the Heavenly Swinging Sword happily. Suddenly, she felt her eyebrow being touched. It was itchy. She unconsciously licked her lips. 

He reared back from her, a strong current like nothing before coursed through his tongue scaring the poor guy back a few dozen steps. He quickly jumped out of the window and took to the skies. 

It looks like he’s going to be circling around the East Wind County hundreds of times like he did in Anping Town. Let’s all pray for him. 

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