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Chapter 81

The sky gradually darkened, and the uproar in the morning finally calmed. 

However, a bright red tongue of fire broke the silence of the night. The fire soared to the skies. This was going to be a tough battle for the East Wind County. 

The Death God saw the fire from the air and dove downwards. There was a strange and new feeling in his heart: panic. 

While eating dinner, Shuang Ruyue looked towards the direction of the light and was shocked. He quickly said, “You all, come and help me put out the fire.” He left before he finished. 

Feng Qing listened to his subordinate’s report and immediately shouted, “Gather the people and horses! Follow me!”

The place that was on fire was naturally the place Lu Shiqian and the Crimson Wolf mercenaries were staying. 

The fire was fierce and seemed intent on swallowing the entirety of the hotel. 

A dark light flashed across Shuang Ruyue’s eyes. The East Wind County was located near a forest and its climate was humid. Residents all use wood, so how could it burn so easily? Not to mention burn so violently? It was obvious someone set the fire! They dare attack the person he was interested in… Shuang Ruyue’s eyes chilled. He ordered people to put out the fire while observing the people present. His brain ran at high speed. 

“Your Majesty, the other party is the Crimson Wolf Mercenaries. We don’t need to put out the fire,” the Second Elder who followed along said. If they won’t get any return, then what is the point of wasted effort? Besides, those Crimson Wolf heathens don’t believe in God. They may as well burn to death.

Shuang Ruyue glared at the Second Elder with eyes as cold as ice, “Foolish. The forces of the Church of Light have never been enough to invade the East Wind County. Now, with so many citizens watching us, if we don’t act now, when?” 

The Second Elder lowered his head and didn’t dare face the Son of Light’s face. His Majesty thought far ahead! He immediately ordered the troops and earnestly put out the fire.

Eyes like lightning, Shuang Ruyue quickly saw a shady person in the corner. He coldly harrumphed. 

Feng Qing also quickly arrived with others. He calmly ordered people to put out the fire as he nervously watched the Crimson Wolf members exit the fire, looking for the figure of the goddess of his dreams. 

Lu Shiqian had just woken up from her unconscious mind and saw curling red tongues of flame moving towards her. The first thing that crossed her mind was that the fire was unusual. Someone planted flammable materials within the hotel, it was clearly deliberate. Everyone staying in the hotel was part of the Crimson Wolf group. Someone wanted to wipe out all 100 mercenaries of the Crimson Wolf group?!

Unfortunately, that person didn’t know that she had five magic attributes as well as a 13 Star Fire Fox. 

The fire attribute becomes stronger when it meets more fire, and Hong Jin is the master of the fire attribute!

“Hong Jin, soul merge!”

The fire caused fire elements to gather, this was a good opportunity to absorb some! It can improve the fire elements in her body and Hong Jin’s body. 

When she was attacked by the 64 powerhouses of the Song Empire back then, she still hadn’t understood this point. Now she knew how to use it!

Who would’ve thought that the scorching fire would be reduced to a mere source of fire elemental nutrients?

When the Death God rushed in, he saw his master standing in the middle of the fire. Her red hair shone like rubies under the glare of the fire. Her exquisite profile, the red mark on her forehead, she seemed to be a goddess of fire!

She didn’t think that much. The Death God quickly hugged Lu Shiqian like black lightning and carried her outside. 

He once again touched his master’s waist, it felt strangely pleasing. Master’s body was in his embrace, as if she belonged there. He felt satisfied. He wished that this moment would last a little longer. 

The fire elements in the fire were smothered after being absorbed by Lu Shiqian and Hong Jin. It was almost put out. Crimson Wolf really lives up to its reputation: other than a few members that received light injuries, almost all of them were unharmed. 

Shuang Ruyue saw the red-haired Lu Shiqian that resembled a goddess and surprise crossed even his eyes! She was so beautiful! But after seeing a black-robed man carrying her, his face darkened. He had seen this black-robed man before, and he didn’t emanate any power from his body. His strength may be higher than his own. However, that wasn’t the main problem. The problem was… he was holding Lu Shiqian lovingly! 

Lu Shiqian landed on the ground and instantly ended the merge. Her eyes and hair changed back to black. She looked at the Death God who was hidden in black and recalled his face. She inadvertently blushed. 

She was not embarrassed or shy, it was purely due to the Death God’s looks. Anyone who sees it would turn red. 

Lu Shiqian left the Death God’s embrace and his heart suddenly felt empty. Ahh, it felt so good holding her just now. Why did it feel so good to hold Master and to touch Master? The Death God was numb all over and secretly touched someone that looked like the “female” species. However, he only felt disgusted and quickly wiped his hands. Looks like Master is the most unique!

Feng Qing quickly walked towards Lu Shiqian and felt relieved after seeing that she was unharmed. “Miss Ren, we’ve made you suffer.” He blamed himself for this incident. The East Wind County hadn’t had a fire breakout for many years. 

“I’m fine,” Lu Shiqian didn’t want this noble young man to blame himself.

“It’s wonderful that Miss Ren is fine,” Shuang Ruyue laughed like the spring breeze, “Then I will give a gift to you. I trust that you will like it.”

Shuang Ruyue ordered someone to bring the shady man over. This person had been uneasy ever since he was discovered. At this time, he was slammed into the ground by a bishop and hurriedly kowtowed, “Please spare me! Spare me!”

“Then tell me if this fire was caused by you. If you speak, God will surely forgive you.” Shuang Ruyue revealed a gentle smile. His face was harmonious; he looked like a compassionate and caring person.

“I-I’ll speak. Th-this fire…” Before he could finish, an icicle shot through his throat and suddenly killed him.

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