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Chapter 82

Lu Shiqian quickly looked towards the direction the icicle came from. Hmph, so it was that thing that wanted to harm her. He thought he hid fast, but he didn’t expect Lu Shiqian’s eyesight to be better than the average person. His appearance was seen by her. Alright, you want to kill me? Then you better prepare to die!

The Yellow Rat’s leader Mu He was also gnashing his teeth in anger. The fire outbreak that was aided by them actually didn’t kill any Crimson Wolf mercenaries! Next time, next time he will definitely kill them!

The uproar caused by the fire had just passed when the square’s emergency bell rang. It rung and rung, one ring followed by another, overlapping as it echoed through the air. It was especially startling on the eve of a big battle!

Was it finally here?

Feng Qing’s face suddenly turned stern and yelled, “Everyone, please come with me to the hall! I have something to do there!”

There were more than a thousand people gathered in the hall. Feng Qing’s father was in charge. They were the recruiters so they naturally sat above the rest. Shuang Ruyue sat at the head of the following 20 seats. After that was the representative of the Qin Empire mercenaries, the Son of Darkness in the third, the representative of the Song Empire in the fourth… The prestigious families sat in order. The remaining mercenaries and adventurers sat in the guest seats. It was truly a gathering of powers!

Looks like the East Wind County sent out a request for help to many different groups. How serious was the matter? “Thank you everyone for assisting us this time. After forcing the enemy to retreat, we will definitely reward you. Now, we will let Mr. Milo explain to us the current situation.” The governor slowly and calmly said. 

“Hello everyone, thanks for coming today. My name is Milo!” a voice that sounded like both a man and woman spoke. This sound was crisp as the spring wind and carried the feeling of the great natural. 

Something shining walked into the room.

It was not exaggerated to call him a shining object because his body naturally contained a faint glow. He was slender and tall, his long silver hair trailing behind his feet. He wore a chang pao, was beautiful in a neither manly nor female way. His eyes were dark green like a forest. His ears were pointy and he had freshness around him. 

“Ah, an elf!” someone shouted. 

Elf, it was actually an elf! One of the most mysterious and wonderful species! Legend says that all of them were beautiful without peer, it seems to be true. 

The hall suddenly flew into an uproar. Stunned, doubtful, shocked, all sorts of emotions tumbled out.

Elves, weren’t they unwilling to have any contact with humans?

“Please quiet down, everyone.” Milo’s voice had a soothing effect on people; it was like the sound of a mountain spring. People’s crazed emotions calmed. “I am the Head Priest of the elves and here to represent the King of the Forest Elves to apologize to everyone present. The recruitment this time was actually sent out by my King. Please be forgiving. My elf family has not been in contact with the outside world for a long time, and we could only do things this way. My elves are being attacked by the beastmen. I hope everyone here will assist us!”

The elves: a race that was blessed by nature at birth. Each and every one of them was beautiful and had a lot of magic power. They were natural-born mages. Take for example Mr. Milo: he was a Rank 8 mage! The elves resided in the forest, but were also rich with rare metals. They even had many magic stones! In addition, elves were born artists: their songs were enchanting and their dances awe-inspiring. They were the darling of nature and lived in harmony with the forest and other magic beasts. 

Powerful, rich, artistic, what kind of trouble did they meet to request help from humans?

This group had everything which means that they had nothing they required from others. To them, humans were sly, greedy, cruel, and ugly as pigs. It was very hard for a human to make a good impression on them. It was also difficult for humans to find where elves lived, they migrated periodically. 

“Che, you say it light, but what good does it do us to help you?” a disdainful voice said from the corner. It was Mu He from the Yellow Rats. 

Once he opened his mouth, someone else chimed in, “Yeah! What good do we get for risking our lives?” 

“Just those few gold coins?”

“You can’t make us work for free!”

Milo’s face wore a smile, neither angry nor annoyed. His mind was steady. He seemed to expect this question, “My King decreed that every brave warrior that fights against our enemy will be rewarded 10 gold coins, and the warrior that helps us repel the enemy will receive a magic stone. To the organization or group that contributed the most, we will reward a pot of fairy spring water and 50 magic stones. Furthermore, the organization or person that contributed the most will receive our blessings and assistance in the future. There will also be a mystery gift!

Milo’s one sentence caused the others’ faces to light up. When he finished, everyone was speechless. 

Magic stones, holy! How rare was that? You can’t even buy it with money!

The Fairy Water was said to preserve youth and increase comprehension abilities!

Most importantly, they can form an alliance with the elves! Heavens, this was the most important point! Any organization that forms an alliance with the elves will receive countless benefits! After all, they can buy magic beast pelts, cores, and top-notch artistic work by the elves! They could even learn their customs and spells! Not to mention, as long as they are in an alliance, even a third-rate organization or family would instantly shoot to the top on the Devil Dance continent!

Furthermore, there was also that mysterious gift! What kind of gift was considered ‘mysterious’ to the Head Priest?

Their blood was boiling.

“These are just the rewards for your assistance this time around. When the elves are in trouble, the entire East Wind County would no longer be peaceful. The county’s commitment remains the same!” the East Wind County governor truthfully said. In his early years, he was hot-blooded and went to explore in the forest and was saved by the elves, so he had some friendship with the elves which was how what happened today came about. 

There were material benefits and status temptations, what else could be said? You’re a fool if you don’t help!

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