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Chapter 83

Someone immediately declared, “Head Priest, rest assured! This humble one shall put forth all his effort!”

“Count me in!”

“Me too!”

Milo seemed to also predict the crowd’s change in attitude, “The beastmen are not easy to deal with. They are strong beyond compare, quick and clever, and could control magic beasts at birth. We elves cannot defeat them. 

He was telling the truth, but he chose the time when everyone was passionate from his earlier words. Don’t mention the beastmen, if you asked them to face dragons right now, they would not hesitate to charge right in!

Lu Shiqian raised a brow, this Milo was pretty good. First, he tempts them with the rewards and then tells them about the dangers. How sneaky!

Amongst the crowd, Lu Shiqian’s gaze was the most unique. Milo felt this stare and lifted his head and slammed into a pair of eyes dark as night. His expression on that perfect face of his finally seemed to change. 

Those pupils were like black dots, dark as night, yet quick-witted like the wind. Once you looked into them, it was hard to look away!

She didn’t have an expression of excitement on her face. She was calm and natural. 

This human woman was quite special!

But he had no time to think about it. He still had a mission he had to complete that held the life and death of the elves in the balance!

“Everyone, please come with me. My people are currently defending against the enemy so we have no time to spare.” Right after Head Priest Milo finished, a large magic array lit up beneath his feet. 

No way! Was he going to create a transportation circle right here, right now, and send the 10,000 people present in one go? Lu Shiqian saw the amazing magic of a Rank 8 mage for the first time. It was too exciting! Think about it, if so many reinforcements suddenly arrived in the middle of a battle, there would be a huge reversal! Lu Shiqian was once again eager to advance.

Lu Shiqian guessed right: it was indeed a large-scale transportation array. 

The sound of wind blew by their ears; the scenery flashed by; this was a mystical experience!

About a minute or so later, the teleport was completed. Everyone stared at the towering virgin forests still in shock. 

They were already deep in the forest. The giant trees were put together to create tall walls with dozens of beautiful elves standing guard. There were also more than a hundred elf transporters awaiting their arrival. 

The elves were definitely all beautiful without peer. Lu Shiqian took a rough glance and came to a conclusion. 

There were larger, taller trees inside the walls!

“Noble warriors, we elves should be open with you: this is our City of the Elves. Please enter the city one by one with my kin,” Milo lightly introduced and divided the 10,000 people into 100 groups. Each group had one elf lead them. 

Lu Shiqian and the other 100 Crimson Wolf members were naturally in the same group. They were led by a cute green eyed elf. 

The elf blew on a whistle and suddenly, more than a hundred similar-looking rabbits hopped over. This was the transportation of the elves: the Electric Rabbit. They were a 2 Star magic beast, kind and gentle, their speed was fast like the wind and lightning!

The bulkier people sat on the larger rabbits such as the muscleman while the smaller people sat on the smaller rabbits such as Lu Shiqian. 

The cute young elf boy Lan Ruo demonstrated how to ride the rabbit, and they all turned to Uncle Beard for help. 

The Electric Rabbit was soft and furry. It had long hair on its neck which signaled which direction to go in when pulled. 

Lan Ruo blew his whistle again and the rabbits starting hopping obediently. 

Lu Shiqian looked back while sitting on her rabbit to look at the ridiculous picture of Shuang Ruyue on a rabbit. She was disappointed to find that bastard had a unicorn as a pet. The snow white clothes paired with the snow white unicorn were more striking than anyone else. Coupled with his charisma, he was even better looking than the elves! 

At least the scene of the other Church of Light members sitting on rabbits was hilarious. 

Aside from the gaudy Son of Light, the Son of Darkness was also quite flashy. Black robes and black unicorn coupled with his cold appearance, he was also quite striking!

The Church of Light and Church of Darkness were at ends with each other. They even had to fight by comparing mounts! Really! Back to the topic, the rabbits were quite fast as they dexterously jumped, traveling swift as the wind!

The City of the Elves was made up of countless trees. They were unfathomably large. Just a single branch was the size of a plaza! The individual branches were roads and the rabbits that were moving were like cars on a highway!

Gradually, they could see the residential area of the elves. Who would have thought that elves didn’t live on the ground, but rather in trees hundreds of meters high in the air?

The elves’ houses were small and cute, vibrant and exquisite. Their houses were made up of flowers, beautiful like a work of art. They were decorated with patterns which was different for each house. They each had a special array created by the family residing within. 

Such houses were packed densely on the branches. They looked very aesthetically pleasing and artistic. 

Moving forward, they arrived at the Elf King’s City, located on one of the thickest branches. 

Oh, even though it was just a branch, ‘broad’ wasn’t enough to describe how big it was, not to mention the size of the entire tree!

The Elf King’s City, the city of the king, was magnificent. The radiant palace stood in front of everyone. The green palace resembled a very large emerald! It was grand and beautiful beyond people’s imaginations. Only born artists like elves could’ve designed such a wonderful palace!

There was a large lake in front of the palace, clear and sparkling. Soothing music spread along the bank; swans floated across the water; a two-winged white horse stood in the water. 

People were stunned by this beauty and didn’t recover for a long time. They finally understood why elves disdained contact with humans: such beauty was definitely not something humans could achieve!

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