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Chapter 84

After sighing in appreciation, Lu Shiqian was attracted to the two-winged white horse in the lake. This horse was very beautiful. White wings like those of a dove, calm and gentle eyes, snow white hair, and powerful body were just too beautiful! 

“Ooh, did Master take a liking to him?” the Fire Fox happily rubbed his face against her. He was going to have another comrade. 

“He’s definitely good-looking, but not as good as me.” Yin nitpicked. It looks like Master can contract with it just fine. 

“His legs seem quite powerful, Master can consider taking him.” Shui Se chimed in. 

“But he is very strong, Wang Cai can’t defeat him.” Wang Cai’s metallic voice seemed to carry a tinge of grief, “He’s 20 Stars.” They were similar in level so even if the horse didn’t reveal his star pattern, he could still tell. 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. How unscrupulous were her magic beasts? She only glanced at it, yet they came up with all these ideas. 

“This is the guardian horse of the elves, only the purest people can approach it!” Lan Ruo saw Lu Shiqian looking at the horse and finally couldn’t help but tell her. 

Amongst this group, Lu Shiqian’s appearance was undoubtedly top-notch. She may even be more beautiful than the elves themselves and they were even blessed from birth! As a result, Lan Ruo was particularly fond of her. 

So it turned out to be someone else’s guardian horse!

“Master, if you like it, I can steal it and gift it to you.” The Death God cooly said. That little horse, he has plenty of ways to take it!

‘    Ehh,’ Lu Shiqian was speechless. Since someone else said it was a guardian horse which shows its importance, this guy still wants to throw it over to her without regard to stirring the hornet’s nest?

However, she was touched by the Death God’s goodwill. 

At this time, Uncle Beard said to the nearby Crimson Wolf mercenaries, “Just now, the team leader contacted me through the communication system that this mission has been changed from Rank A to Rank S. The deputy head will also be arriving here soon. Everyone work hard!”

When the team heard it, their faces changed and they squeezed out vigor from every cell in their body.

S-Rank mission! As long as they complete two S-Rank missions, Crimson Wolf would be able to surpass Canglong and become the number one mercenary group on the Devil Dance continent! How exciting!

“Welcome, noble warriors, I am honored!” a magnetic voice spoke, “Everyone, please come into the palace.”

“It’s our King!” Lan Ruo said with a face full of respect, “Let’s hurry in!”

The king of the elves had long, winding green hair that was connected to a glowing golden tube. The tube stretched deep into the forest. His eyes were a different shade of green than an ordinary elf and instead a calm and wise blue. He wore a green crown on his head. Shrouded by a faint aura, his whole person seemed regal, magnificent, elegant, and ethereal.

Xiu Si was an open-minded ruler and it was also he who proposed to fight alongside humans. Elves usually place pride as more important than their lives and disagreed greatly, but the Elf King managed to convince them. He said that this was the moment that decides the life or death of the elves. 

“Noble warriors, thank you for coming.” The magnetic voice lingered in their ears, “The beastmen come all at once and have already broken through three of our defenses. They are arriving at the elf city to the east now, please look!”

He didn’t waste any words and cut straight to the point. A screen 16 by 20 meters wide appeared behind him which displayed the damage suffered in the east. The trees that take more than a dozen people to circle fell heroically. None of the trunks were intact. These trees fell one by one revealing the cruelty of the battle. In the front, a tree shook where the beastmen army was engaging with the elf army. It was a fierce fight. Those ten or so beastmen were at least double the height of the beastmen and their heads were larger than humans. Some had wolf-like faces, others had jackal-like faces and leopard-like faces… They had the recklessness of beasts and the flexibility of humans. Their skin was thick so the elves’ arrows had no effect on them. They were instead hurt by the innate spell of the beastmen and blown away.  The elves were brave, very brave! In order to protect their homeland, even if they know they can’t beat the enemy, they still unhesitantly charged towards the enemy to prevent them from moving further. The lightly-injured elves would get up and continue to fight while other comrades would support the heavily injured elves to the side. Once they recovered a bit, they would throw themselves back into battle. When an elf died, they would turn into a small green orb and float to the enormous tree in the Elf King’s Palace. This was a war that was elongated entirely by the sacrifice of the elves so it was fierce beyond compare!

The situation was indeed very serious. 

The trees sent all this information back. They were the allies of the elves, so any place with trees was the second eyes of the elves. 

Everyone watched silently, dumbfounded. These people had all been on the battlefield before but not one this terrible. It was a one-sided beat down.

At the same time, they were surprised: the beastmen’ strength was comparable to Rank 4 or 5 practitioners. Coupled with their defense, they were far more difficult to deal with!

The air turned solemn. Amongst these 10,000 people, Rank 4 or 5 practitioners took up the majority and Rank 3 followed. However, they can’t lose their life for money, right? Some wanted to back out. 

“Noble warriors, I believe you also understand the beastmen’ strength. If you wish to back out now, we will send you to the East Wind County immediately.” King Xiu Si continued, “We elves value lives, we will not let anyone to make a meaningless sacrifice.”

It was reasonable to say that while everyone was excited, they truly wanted to let their blood spill on this battlefield. However, once they saw that their strength and the enemy’s were too drastic, this motivation flew out the window. Sometimes, motivation required strength!

Everyone understood this point, so when someone stood up to back out, no one said anything. Even though the strong was revered and strength was encouraged, no one would force a child to beat an adult. 

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