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Chapter 85

There were a few people every dozen that stood up, Crimson Wolf also had around 8 people stand up. They had angry and hateful looks on their face. Exiting in front of so many people even though it’s only right, they still believe that is the behavior of the weak. 

However, there were always some that don’t know respect: “Hey, if y’all are going to quit now, why join in the first place? You’re just like a Bick!”

Bicks were a small-sized magic beast and very cowardly. They were similar to mice. 

The despicable person who said that was Mu He of the Yellow Rats. No one quit within his group, their faces were smug and their tails were raised so high they could’ve touched the sky. 

There are two kinds of people who are proud before danger: one that has the strength to dominate anything and needs no reason to fear while the other is an idiot who has no strength yet overestimates himself!

With Mu He’s words, the expression of the ones who quit turned even more unsightly. 

Xiu Si glanced around and saw about all of the Rank 3 mages and practitioners stand up except for one woman with a cold and firm temperament even though she was only a Rank 2 Mage. 

“You are not going to leave?” Xiu Si kindly asked Lu Shiqian. 

Lu Shiqian shook her head and said, “This is a great practical experience.” Quitting was equivalent to losing to herself on a spiritual level. The Heavenly Swinging Sword was to dominate the heavens, to never retreat, in order to realize one’s full potential. Once the heart submits, then there will never be any progress again on the path of martial arts and magic. 

Xiu Si said, “You may end up dying.”

Lu Shiqian firmly replied, “I insist even if I may die!” 

Her words lit up the hearts of the powerhouses present. Stick to your decision no matter what difficulties lie ahead unswervingly. This woman has the heart of the strong. Even though she was only a Rank 2 Mage, she gained the respect of everyone. Shuang Ruyue looked at her: she was truly becoming more and more interesting. The indifferent gaze of the Son of Darkness also landed on her. 

Xiu Si was surprised. This woman was laudable, “Thank you.”

Lu Shiqian smiled and bowed, “No need to thank me.”

“Tch, just some trash dares to say big words!” Mu He’s disgusting voice once again sounded. 

Everyone couldn’t help but feel unhappy. This Yellow Rat was so annoying!

Shuang Ruyue’s eyes darkened. 

Xiu Si’ face didn’t change, but his blue eyes also darkened. 

If people don’t provoke me, I won’t provoke them. If you provoke me, then prepare for the consequences!

Lu Shiqian swept over like the wind and kicked him to the side!

This move was quite surprising!

Mu He was a Rank 5 practitioner, yet he was kicked aside by a Rank 2 Mage! Who would believe that? But it was true, he was indeed kicked aside, kicked aside humiliatingly, he didn’t even have time to react. 

Everyone was moved and their opinion of Lu Shiqian changed once again. 

Besides, Mu He was kicked aside with four legs facing the sky. It was hilarious! Everyone that was dissatisfied with him earlier began laughing at him. 

The muscleman of the Crimson Wolf Group gave her a thumbs-up. 

One kick to send a Rank 5 powerhouse flying. Even though it was a sneak attack, how many people could accomplish this anyways? This Rank 2 Mage wasn’t as weak as she looked!

Mu He, who was kicked aside, wiped his face. This was the second time he was humiliated by this b*tch! Old enmities weren’t avenged, yet new ones were added on!

For the first time, there was a smile on the face of the Elf King. A transmission circle flashed beneath his feet and sent the group back to the East Wind County. 

“Noble warriors, I will be sending you to the front lines. I shall pass on my blessings to you. You are all brave and fearless!” Xiu Si was a little excited. Even though he was the king of a mysterious species, he was still moved by the people who came to assist them although their motives may not be pure. 

The elves were a compassionate and grateful race!

“Fight for the elves and fight for yourselves!” Lu Shiqian announced. Her hair fluttered in the windless air, her beauty was enough to collapse countries! 

Her words stirred up a thousand waves. The mercenaries shouted, “Fight for the elves and fight for yourselves!”

The thundering cries resounded throughout the palace. 

The tremendous green transportation circle that could transport 19,000 humans and elves lit up beneath their feet. After a brief flash, they were sent to the front lines. 

The palace was suddenly empty. After making such a large teleport, Xiu Si was also tired. 

“My King…” Milo worriedly called out. Since the beastmen attacked a month ago, Xiu Si’ heart was probably at the breaking point. He was a compassionate and benevolent elf: every time an elf died in battle, he would grieve for them. Now that he had sent another 20,000 lives to the front lines without knowledge of how many would return. His heart was of course greatly saddened.

“If I could, I would sacrifice my life to end this calamity.” Xiu Si quietly said. 

“My King, the beastmen want that thing.” Milo wanted to hand the thing over since they wanted it. He was more selfish than the king. The King loved all lives, but he loved elves more than others. 

“No, Milo. If we hand it over to the greedy beastmen, then even humans would find it hard to escape this calamity. That thing brings about disaster in the hands of greed!” 

Milo lowered his head. It was indeed true. The beastmen came after them only after finding out the item in the elves’ possession. 

“Milo, I have a request. If things go from worse to worst, please hand the item over to the girl just now.”

Milo jerked his head up, ‘if things go from worse to worst’… Heavens, he didn’t even want to think about it. 

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