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Chapter 86

“Yes,” he solemnly answered. That woman had a determined heart. She probably wouldn’t be led astray by that item. 

The transportation circle lit up again and Milo was also sent to the front lines. 

At this time in the front lines, you could truly feel the devastation of war. 

What kind of feeling was evoked from a scene where proud trees that could support hundreds of people lay fallen on the ground? Standing here, people could understand just how insignificant they truly were!

There were burnt and shriveled trees everywhere like a bulldozer ran through them and set on fire. The blood of the elves and beastmen also splattered everywhere. 

Elves built their homes in the tree trunks and were also a species that pursued beauty. However, in order to protect the City of the Elves, they had no choice but to build a few shabby grass sheds at the front lines to temporarily house troops in. 

“Lan Ruo, why are you here? Go back!” an elegant and savvy middle-aged elf walked over. 

Lan Ruo was only 200 years old, he wasn’t of age yet. 

“No, Uncle Hassan, I’m old enough, I can also protect our city!” Lan Ruo gripped his tender fist. His friends had all come. This disaster had caused him to mature quite a bit. 

Hassan blinked his eyes, ‘This brat dared to talk back!’ But he also knew that Lan Ruo wasn’t wrong, except… he was too young. 

Lu Shiqian stood in the middle of the forest and felt the wind blow past her. It indeed carried the scent of the battle. 

“What are you thinking about?” Shuang Ruyue proudly sauntered over. His white clothes contained no speck of dust. What kind of materials was it made out of?

Lu Shiqian coldly gave him a glare. 

“May God bless you so that you will not be killed by the beastmen,” his eyes seemed to be true. 

When he finished speaking, a scream spread from the front. The sound of a giant object crushing the trees in its path also came over!

The elves instantly straightened up and their faces turned serious.

The beastmen were coming!

Lu Shiqian coldly looked at Shuang Ruyue and unscrupulously said, “Jinx.”

There was a cloud of black fog ahead, and they did not know how many beastmen were attacking. Their scalps were tingling. 

Hassan readied his bow and arrow. There were unexpectedly many beastmen this time!

Fortunately, they had human reinforcements!

The first line was a group of magic beasts controlled by the beastmen. Every beastman can contract with two magic beasts. Unlike the human contract, their magic beasts couldn’t merge with them. Their magic beasts were generally 3 to 4 Stars and mostly savage beasts: canine beasts, wild tigers, panthers and the like. They were violent and brutal, and their eyes were red as if they received some kind of stimulation. 

As for the beastmen, they were twice as big and tall as the average human with an animal head and a human body. Their body was covered in fur, very repelling.

They were big but very agile. They soon engaged with the human and elven army!

Suddenly, there were several screams and shouts. Some were humans, some were elves. The bright red blood and green blood were like fireworks, especially terrifying. 

This was a direct clash: the beastmen used their fists, claws, and feet to directly tear them apart. It was also exactly because of this that the battle seemed much more cruel. 

One beastman and two magic beasts quickly surrounded a human or elf. The magic beast would rabidly attack which was then quickly followed by a claw swipe by the beastman, killing them easily!

The situation was grim and the momentum was on the side of the beastmen!

They were just too fierce!

“Retreat, retreat, retreat to the fortress! Mages, follow me and throw magic at them!” Hassan shouted to the troops. This wave of beastmen was larger and more powerful than the others. 

The people who were just sent over were stunned, but they quickly retreated together. 

Lu Shiqian and the Crimson Wolf stood in the front along with Shuang Ruyue and his people. They were already surrounded by thousands of beastmen. 

“Your Majesty!” several bishops and knights from the Church of Light frantically screamed. They wanted to rush over, but seeing the beastmen that were swarming like a black cloud, they were too scared to. 

“Hey, human!” Lan Ruo saw that Lu Shiqian was surrounded and raised his bow, but he was stopped by Hassan. 

Mu He saw Lu Shiqian trapped and evilly smiled while hiding behind everyone. 

Everyone could confirm even with their eyes closed: those 100 people that were trapped would definitely die!

What else can be said? There’s nothing left to say. She immediately soul merged with Hong Jin, armor merged with Yin. Shui Se and Wang Cai were ready on standby to deliver a fatal attack at any moment. The Death God surveyed the battlefield from within his black magic beast space. This level of fighting was a piece of cake to him. He decided to look on for now. 

Yin’s beautiful silver armor wrapped around Lu Shiqian’s beautiful figure, her long red hair fluttered in the wind. She seemed to step on the wind itself, striking quickly and accurately. Her dagger flew through the air, her posture dignified. Her show of strength stunned people’s eyes, especially on such a battlefield, it caused respect to rise in their hearts. 

Surprise seemed to flash across Shuang Ruyue’s eyes and just as quickly changed to dissatisfaction. He didn’t want others to see her fascinating figure. He was beautiful and wasn’t flustered even when surrounded by beasts. Instead, he looked like he was strolling through court. 

In addition to Lu Shiqian, there were three others in Crimson Wolf that displayed exemplary behavior: muscleman Mengzi, a Rank 5 Martial Master, he was already taller than the average person by one or two heads. His muscles were large and powerful. He unsheathed the broadsword that was over 1 meter long on his back and chopped with awe-inspiring power. Any enemy that met his blade was split in half without exception! The gloomy youth Liu Feng was a Rank 6 Martial Master. He walked the quiet and sneaky path, moving through the beastmen like a specter. His hand carried silver needles that never seemed to fully deplete. Each needle hit a key place such as the eyes, nose, lower abdomen, hurting the already fierce beastmen to the point that they attacked whoever and whatever was in the way. Uncle Beard was surprisingly a Rank 5 Wind Archmage! But what was amazing was not his spell but the way he used his skills. Every wind created by him carried the scent of what the beastmen hated the most: grass. Even the most crazed beastman would back away at this smell!

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