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Chapter 87

The beastmen swarmed up. As the saying goes, a swarm of ants killed an elephant. Moreover, they weren’t ants: they were beastmen that could kill two with one. 

The screams of her comrades continued unceasingly, their red blood spilling over their enemies, over the mercenaries, and over the fallen trees. 

Someone had their neck twisted off; someone had his elbow ripped off; someone had their stomach punched to a pulp. Blood flowed like a stream!

Cruel, fierce, tragic!

This was not the most disgusting part: the most unbearable part was that the beastmen had no respect for the bodies of the dead. They trampled, tore apart, bit, and defiled their corpses in every way!

The retreating army looked on with pounding hearts, shocked and angered. The elf mages released wood, stone, and wind spells under Hassan’s orders. Wait, the human mages also released light, dark, Fire Dragon, Fire Rain… Flying sand and stones, storms and heavy rain, light and dark magic mixed together in this mystical world during this cruel and fierce battle!

The practitioners merged with their magic beasts and formed teams of three, squads of five. They raised their swords and released their heroic auras.

With their good cooperation, the fortress was protected and with that as the boundary, if it falls and the beastmen attack again, it would become a tug-of-war between the two!

Let’s bring it back to Lu Shiqian’s side again. At this time, the Crimson Wolf mercenaries lost around half of its members while Shuang Ruyue’s side had no more members remaining. 

“Your Majesty, quickly fly over!” the voices of the five bishops anxiously called. Heavens, if the Son of Light died here, then everyone here shouldn’t dream of living to go back to see the Pope. He knew that it was no problem to fly over with the Son of Light’s strength. 

Shuang Ruyue was proud and dignified, unpredictable. He stabbed the golden scepter into the ground and cried in his beautiful voice, “Praise the Lord!” 

The golden scepter shone with a bright light that burned through everything. Whichever direction he pointed it in, white light would fly in that direction. When the light shone on a magic beast or beastman, they would start to burn immediately. In just a few seconds, even ashes wouldn’t remain. 

How frightening, this man… He’s not called the Son of Light for no reason. He indeed has great strength: a Rank 8 Great Mage!

He used his actions to prove that he wanted to fight alongside Crimson Wolf, or at least Lu Shiqian!

The bishops and knights were shocked. Their revered Son of Light, the next Pope, actually decided to fight the enemy with that group? They did not dare to play with the Son of Light’s life, so they could only send people to assist him. 

Lu Shiqian retreated near the group while saying, “I didn’t expect that much from you!” His actions just now inspired the mercenaries of the Crimson Wolf and cheered them up. She waved her dagger and stabbed through the throat of a lunging magic beast. 

Shuang Ruyue maintained his benevolent gentle smile, his voice slightly teasing, “I am always better than what you think.”

The thousands of beastmen couldn’t exterminate a mere 100 people. They were burning in fury and more reinforcements came to attack the stranded group. 

The situation as quickly becoming critical, breaking through was also becoming more and more difficult. 

Lu Shiqian was like silver lightning as she weaved through the beastmen, harvesting the lives of the beastmen!

She saw that 500 meters ahead, a beastman with a human head was commanding the beastmen army. He was taller and stronger than the other beastmen. He must be the commander of the beastmen army!

Shoot the horse to stop the person; take the King hostage if you’re a thief; these were all tested principles. Even here in this world, it was still true. 

Lu Shiqian planned to take him down first!

She made up her mind and shot towards the commander. 

The human-headed beastman had over 5,000 beastmen guarding him. They knew that the human-headed beastman was their commander and thus needed to protect him.

Shuang Ruyue smiled helplessly, this girl was too worrying! She gave the mercenaries of the Crimson Wolf to him and immediately shot over to gamble her life. He really didn’t know what to say. Alright then, I’ll protect these mercenaries for you!

Some people with sharp eyes saw Lu Shiqian’s movements and were stunned one by one. Is that Rank 2 Mage looking to die? Has she gone mad at the sight of the terrifying battle? She actually charged into the midst of the beastmen army by herself? Does she think that she wasn’t dying soon enough and was seeking death? 

Uncle Beard and her usually got along and thought of her like a granddaughter. Seeing her rush into the beastmen army, he panicked, “Little Ren, come back!” 

Lan Ruo saw the beautiful woman charge into the beastmen and shouted, “Human, what are you doing? Come back!” 

Milo had just been teleported over and saw this startling scene. His heart lurched. He didn’t want anything to happen to this woman not only because his king ordered him to but because of he himself.

The Son of Darkness saw Lu Shiqian and laughed, ‘This woman is not simple!’

Lu Shiqian had her own plans. Even though she rushed into the beastmen army alone and that it was dangerous, who said that this danger wasn’t safe? She was slender, flexible and fast, it was hard for the beastmen to hit her. She was also taking advantage that the beastmen didn’t attack rashly for fear of hitting their comrades!

Of course, this wasn’t possible for every person. They needed to be quick and flexible, powerful murder intent, as well as inexhaustible stamina and have good perception! These were all indispensable!

The human-headed beastman had also noticed Lu Shiqian. He disdained her, this human’s magic fluctuations was too small and couldn’t possibly pose any threat to him. Even so, he still felt his authority put into question and shouted. At his order, more beastmen began to attack Lu Shiqian. 

“Yin, Speed Blessing!” Right now! The opportunity couldn’t be missed!

Lu Shiqian shot towards the human-headed beastman like a bullet, the deadly dagger flew across. 

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