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Chapter 88

This human-headed beastman had the strength of a Rank 6 practitioner. His intelligence was also much greater than the other beastmen. How could he not notice Lu Shiqian’s intentions?

Long before Lu Shiqian’s dagger could reach him, he jumped off his mount and kicked towards her!

The poor Lu Shiqian was kicked in the stomach and flew away like a kite with its strings cut!

The sneak attack was a failure!

The beastmen sneered and planned to shred this bold human.

Shuang Ruyue’s face paled and couldn’t keep his gentle smile any longer. He quickly flew towards Lu Shiqian. 

Milo’s face also changed and he quickly rushed over!

A black wind blew by and a huge pressure emanated from Lu Shiqian’s body on the ground. 

A black halo lit up, the aura dark as the starless night sky. It was true black!

“Just a couple of insignificant insects dare to harm my master?” Like the devil’s voice straight from the pits of hell, both humans and beastmen froze in fear. 

The Death God was incomparably striking, coolly appearing in the middle of the air. 

Lu Shiqian downed half a bottle of the golden pills. Her mouth twitched and she thought inwardly, ‘This Death God’s pretty good at scaring people.’

Black clothes covered his entire face and body. A giant black scythe flashed black lightning. 

His aura was peerless!

It wasn’t due to his original curiosity to Lu Shiqian anymore. The Death God had no interest to the magic beasts and beastmen in front of him: he only cared about Lu Shiqian!

The Death God was familiar with death; the power he used was also a black destructive power. Back then, in order to not hurt her, he didn’t unleash his true power or else she would’ve been beaten black and blue by him!

Caring was to care; unwilling was to be unwilling. He looked at his master’s stomach, where she was kicked, and directed his cold gaze towards the human-headed beastman commander. That place, even if he were to touch it, he would do it gently… hmph! 

When the human-headed beastman was glared at by the Death God, he felt like a giant mountain was pressing down on him. He trembled in fear, he couldn’t even move half an inch!

“W-who are you?” the human-headed beastman asked fearfully.

This sentence was also what everyone else wanted to ask except for Lu Shiqian. 

Shuang Ruyue stopped moving. It was this black-robed man again, but back then, he didn’t release a single trace of power. This time, his power was just too tremendous! How could anyone hide their power so well?

Milo also stopped. He was an elf priest and had keen perception. He could feel a concerning aura emanating from the Death God. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to want to harm Lu Shiqian. 

“A little caterpillar dares to ask who I am?” the Death God brandished his scythe and walked towards the human-headed beastman. 

The human-headed beastman swallowed his saliva nervously. He could clearly feel that this black-robed man was out of his league. He slammed the ground and ordered, “Kill! Quickly kill him! Kill this black-robed man!”

Sometimes people can overcome strength with numbers; it was the same for beastmen. Even though they were scared of the Death God, they had more than ten thousand with them. No matter how powerful the Death God was, it was useless in front of their sheer numbers.

The beastmen roared and drowned the Death God.

Was the Death God going to go down like this?

The people couldn’t help but be disappointed. This guy came in so flashily yet was defeated by the beastmen so easily? This guy was flashy but weak!


Lu Shiqian’s mouth curled upwards. 

A black light spread out!

The swarming, jumping, charging beastmen all suddenly calmed down!

Both the heavens and the earth seemed to calm, silent without a sound!

A beastman wanted to scream, but found he couldn’t. He wanted to move, yet he had no strength in his body. His eyes turned blank and he fell. He was dead!

They fell like dominoes, one after another until the whole circle of them fell. There were around four to five hundred beastmen, seven to eight hundred magic beasts. They all… dropped dead!

The birds were silent; the humans were stunned; the beastmen were stunned! 

What kind of ability was this? What kind of skill was this? Heavens, what the hell did he do?!

The human-headed beastman was frightened, completely terrified! In the face of incomparable power, who wouldn’t be afraid? However, he was unresigned, he still wanted to resist, “Charge, kill him!”  

The beastmen hesitated. The Death God was too powerful; they didn’t want to die for no reason. 

When the human-headed beastman saw this, he immediately took out a horn and blew into it. 

This horn had a strange power over the beasts. It seemed particularly effective against the beastmen. Under the effects of the horn, their eyes turned red and became violent. They swiped their claws and charged towards the Death God. This time, around a 1,000 beastmen and 2,000 magic beasts swarmed towards the Death God!

The Death God only did two things. One: pick up his scythe; and two: wave it.

Another black circle emanated outwards from the Death God. 

There was no sound once again. Without exception, all the magic beasts and beastmen hit by the black circle died. It was a massacre!

Powerful! No, this couldn’t even be called powerful anymore. The Death God’s acts simply transcended people’s understanding of the world powerful! This, this was the domain of God, a miracle!

The Death God stubbornly walked towards the human-headed beastman, his eyes fixed on him!

The human-headed beastman wanted to laugh out loud. Which nook and cranny did this Death God crawl out from? He regretted accepting today’s mission to attack! Originally thought to be a foolproof plan, this was great! Not only did those meddlesome human reinforcements arrive, even this terrible God of Death and Massacre arrived! However, he couldn’t go back in time, what was he supposed to do? In this desperate situation, he destroyed indiscriminately and blew the horn more crazily!

The beastmen and magic beasts became crazed. They were controlled by the sound of the horn and rushed towards the Death God! The thundering sound of their feet shook the earth! 

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