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Chapter 89

A full 6,000 beastmen and 12,000 magic beasts were numb with fear. 

However, the Death God had only made two earth-shattering moves: lift his scythe and swing it. 

People could guess that it was that black circle that suddenly emanated out. Where it passed, no life remained. 

A guess is a guess, but seeing is another story. Nearly 20,000 beastmen and magic beasts were so easily killed. Their eyes were about to fall out of their sockets; you could almost stuff eggs into their mouths!

This skill, this power, this merciless massacre shocked everyone. 

If it were a human, then they would always feel uneasy after killing large numbers of other living organisms. They may even be afraid. But the Death God didn’t feel that way in the slightest. It makes sense: he’s the God of Death after all!

Magic strands traveled into Lu Shiqian’s body. Although it wasn’t much to her 100 magic seas, even mosquitos, as small as they are, still count as meat. It’s still better than nothing. 

“Ahh!” a tiger-headed beastman screamed in horror and fled.              

He was the spark; the remaining beastmen and magic beasts seemed to snap awake from their daze and ran like the wind, as if a monster was chasing them from behind. 

The fear brought about by the Death God exceeded the control of the horn!

There was only the human-headed beastman left. 

“Kick my master? You dared to kick my master?!” the Death God infuriated about this point. 

“Esteemed one, please spare me!” The human-headed beastman was terrified. He quickly lowered his proud head in front of the Death God. 

The Death God lifted his scythe threateningly, but his hand was held by a gentle, white jade-like hand.

“Wait a minute. I have something to ask him,” Lu Shiqian said. 

The people who were at the fortress stared at the presumed doomed Crimson Wolf mercenaries in shock. Lu Shiqian actually dared hold back the Death God! God, this was too shocking! A single gesture takes a couple thousands of lives! Does she not want to live anymore?!

At this time, everyone thought that the Death God was some mysterious master that the Elf King may have invited. Even if they thought until their heads blew up, they wouldn’t ever imagine that this Death God was someone’s pet!

The Death God looked at the hand Lu Shiqian was holding. There were waves of electricity passing through there. 

He obediently nodded his head and put down the terrifying scythe. 

This scene made their eyes fall out. They didn’t hear what Lu Shiqian said to the Death God, but seeing her holding his hand, they suddenly realized it was the cunningness of a beauty…

Being held by Lu Shiqian like this, the Death God’s anger magically disappeared. He also let go of the human-headed beastman’s feet. 

“What is your purpose in attacking the City of the Elves?” Lu Shiqian neither hurriedly nor urgently asked.

But it was exactly this unrushed tone that gave the human-headed beastman massive pressure. He looked carefully at the Death God’s hand that she was holding, “Please spare me, esteemed one! I don’t know the circumstances behind it, the King only told us he wanted something from the City.”

“What thing?”

“A head.”

What? A head?

“What head?”

“I don’t know.” The human-headed beastman saw Lu Shiqian’s hand about to let go and screamed, “I really don’t know, esteemed one!”

Lu Shiqian held her chin, sighed and said, “You can go. Bring your King a message: he definitely won’t be able to get that ‘head.’”

The human-headed beastman couldn’t believe it, “Esteemed one, you’re letting me go?”

“Why, you don’t want to?” Lu Shiqian’s face chilled and coldly asked.

Before Lu Shiqian could finish, the human-headed beastman fled in terror into the forest. 

Then, she praised the Death God, “You’re amazing, continue to do so next time!” The beastmen were probably going to attack again. With the Death God here, victory was in their grasp!

“Master, I’m full. I want to sleep.” The Death God collected a great many souls today and wanted to go to the magic beast space to digest. 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, she had just said that too, “…How long are you going to sleep?”

“For ten times the big fireball in the sky falls and rises for.” The Death God stared at his master’s warm hand. ‘Ahh, so soft…’

The world the Death God lived in had no sun, so the ‘big fireball’ was the sun. Ten times the sun rises and falls for, that means for ten days. The Death God is truly the Death God; he even sleeps longer than others! It seems like I’ll have to fight hard the next few battles! 

Since they drove away the beastmen, the Crimson Wolf mercenaries were warmly received. After experiencing the beastmen’ power in fighting, they understood clearly how it felt to be surrounded by them. To be able to survive even under their encirclement, it was praiseworthy!

Lu Shiqian was surrounded the moment she came over. Many people cast flowery gazes at her, but her temperament was too cold so they didn’t dare follow up. But the more a woman was like this, the more crazed the men became. A woman with a queenly temperament was someone men wanted to worship yet also wanted to conquer. However, if they wanted to get Lu Shiqian, they would also have to see if Bai Hu was willing or not. Before even mentioning Bai Hu, the Death God could also throw a tantrum! Not to mention that the person herself was a cold hearted and heavy-handed person. To anyone that she didn’t approve of, it was impossible for her to look at that person differently! She calmly accepted the men’s overpowering love and quietly threw them behind her. 

Shuang Ruyue walked towards Lu Shiqian. His face wore a holy and elegant smile, yet his heart was enraged. He didn’t like the passionate way the men were looking at her.

“Shao Bing, you must hold on!” Uncle Beard helped over an injured young man and slowly set him on the ground. He took out some herbs and applied them to his wounds, yet the fresh blood wouldn’t stop pouring from his wounds. 

The Crimson Wolf group lost nearly half of their members in the battle and many were also injured. Shao Bing was one of the most heavily injured ones. A beastman scratched open his stomach and the wound was very big. If it wasn’t treated, he would soon die of blood loss!

Compared to honor and glory, the Crimson Wolf mercenaries valued their comrades’ lives more. They formed a small circle and all those that knew how to treat others treated the wounds while those that didn’t know how to tried their best to apply pressure to the wound and prevent more blood from flowing out. 

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