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Chapter 90

What to do? This young man’s life was rapidly slipping away!

However, at a time like this, there were still some people elatedly mocking, “Without any strength, yet still dare to face those beastmen? Don’t waste your herbs on him, he can’t be saved!”

These words were a slap on the face. The reason Crimson Wolf was trapped was because they couldn’t retreat in time. However, are they supposed to merely resign their vibrant lives? Not only was Crimson Wolf indignant, the others were too. His meaning was if someone was heavily injured, the rest should just abandon him. Sharp glares were sent towards the gloating Mu He. 

After the triumphant return of the Crimson Wolf mercenaries, he was originally narrow-minded and believed that Crimson Wolf was weaker than the Yellow Rats. He couldn’t stand the praise towards them. But it was clear that after this war, the reputation of Crimson Wolf would certainly be much greater and the Yellow Rats would remain unknown in the dark. 

Lu Shiqian coldly glared at Mu He. Those eyes were cold like a cave of ice. She needed to save people right now so she had no time to teach this piece of trash a lesson though. 

“Uncle Beard, here, let me.” Lu Shiqian’s eyes glowed with confidence. Would the miraculous gold pill be unable to cure these injuries?

Uncle Beard looked at Lu Shiqian strangely. Does she also have brilliant medical skills? Looking at her black eyes, he decided to trust her.

Lu Shiqian pulled out a half bottle of the golden medicine and made Shao Bing drink it. She had an interspatial bag at her waist in order to prevent others from suspecting her interspatial bracelet. She usually put food and medicine into this bag. 

Under the surprised gazes of the people, Shao Bing’s wounds miraculously closed, quickly closing until all that was left was a faint pink scar. 

She nodded with satisfaction. The golden pills indeed had to have at least that much effect. 

Shao Bing looked at her excitedly and gratefully. Muscleman Mengzi once again gave her a thumbs-up. Lu Shiqian’s position within Crimson Wolf once again rose. 

Uncle Beard was ecstatic and grabbed Lu Shiqian’s hand, “Little Ren, where did you get this medicine from?” He was a mage and a passionate doctor on top of that. His medical skills also reached the level of master, yet this medicine shocked him. It was even more magical than Level Six or Seven gold pills!

Lu Shiqian was too embarrassed to deceive this kind old man, but she couldn’t exactly say that this medicine transmigrated with her from the game. She could only say, “This medicine was given by my teacher to use when I got injured.” Lu Shiqian innocently asked, “Is it very precious?”

Precious? It’s not only ‘precious’! You can’t even buy it with money! This little girl doesn’t even know what kind of wealth she’s carrying around! What does that mean? Uncle Beard muttered to himself, “Was this medicine made with life magic? Heavens, that kind of magic only ever appeared in legends…”

In the ancient Grand Era of Magic, holy mages mastered life magic, capable of reviving the dead, heal anything, cure all diseases…

“C-Can I please meet that esteemed one?” Uncle Beard seemed to turn into a child waiting to see a teacher he had admired for a long time. 

“This… teacher already passed away.” Sorry, Uncle Beard.

Uncle Beard’s face dimmed like he lost his soul and seemed to be in disbelief, “That esteemed one… That esteemed one is no longer here?” 

Lu Shiqian couldn’t bear it. She recalled that thick “Million***” book in her interspatial bracelet, which seemed to record many great life spells. She can teach some of those spells to Uncle Beard later. If she can one day advance to a Great Mage, although, with that book’s perversion, the problem of being able to use those spells is still a large question mark! After all, how long would it take to fill those 100 magic seas in Lu Shiqian’s body?

An eerie night followed after the large battle. Clumps of fires were lit up in the middle of the forest. Humans and elves sat next to each other without differentiating for the first time. They talked about the ferocity of the beastmen, the mysterious person in black that appeared and disappeared, and about Lu Shiqian…

Perhaps the atmosphere was too depressing, but Lan Ruo stood up and sang a beautiful melody.  

The elves were indeed a race that loves life and the arts, their skill reaching the pinnacles of perfection. Furthermore, Lan Ruo was one of the best singers of the younger generation. 

He sang a song praising a woman. He sang, “Facing the beastmen, she didn’t waver. Calm and confident, her face shone with a brilliant brilliance. She waved her dagger, the glitter of the distant stars, her body in full swing, a graceful and lively dance. She is Dina’s lily, a prideful rose, the ruby of my eye. Living carefree and easily, her hair is like fire, donning her silver armor. Ahh, she is my goddess…”

Anyone would know who Lan Ruo was singing about. Everyone recalled the scene of Lu Shiqian facing the beastmen, slowly becoming intoxicated as they listened.

If anyone survived this war, then this song would surely spread throughout the continent!

After singing, Lan Ruo looked into Lu Shiqian’s eyes filled with love. He had just become of age when the elves met this crisis. Lu Shiqian’s performance captured his beating heart.

Love was also a theme of the elves’ eternal pursuits!

Shuang Ruyue was surprised to find that not only human men fell for her, quite a few elven men fell for her too! This discovery made him quite angry. 

After Lan Ruo sang, another elf stood up and sang another song praising Lu Shiqian but it wasn’t as good as Lan Ruo’s. 

Hearing the elves sing praises to her one after another, Lu Shiqian was very embarrassed. She didn’t believe herself better than others in any way. In her opinion, she was just a mere Rank 2 Mage. She needed to work a lot harder! She also didn’t talk much and wasn’t very lively. She didn’t understand why the elves thought so highly of her. 

Lan Ruo lifted a cup of green fruit wine and boldly walked in front of Lu Shiqian, “Will you please grace us with a song?”

There were rules within the elves. If you accept the elf’s invitation and sing with them, then it could be counted as accepting that elf’s love. 

Milo was about to stop them, but Lu Shiqian, completely unaware of this rule, already took the wine and drank it. 

Lan Ruo suddenly revealed a shy smile while the other elves looked dispirited. Even Milo felt inexplicably lost. 

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