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Chapter 91

Looking at the large forest, thinking back on the tough battle today, the vivid image where her teammates’ lives burned the brightest, there was a burst of passion from her heart. A magnetic voice traveled through the silent forest: “How many times have I fallen on this road?

How many times have my wings broken? 

So I no longer hesitate

I want to travel beyond this mundane life

Just like I’m soaring through the vast sky

Just like I’m traveling through the boundless wilderness

With the power to break free of everything

How many times have I lost my way?

How many times have I given up on my dreams?

So I am no longer confused

I want to be free and unfettered

I want to live in full bloom

Just like I’m soaring through the vast sky

Just like I’m traveling through the boundless wilderness

With the power to break free of everything

I want to live in full bloom

Just like I’m standing on top of a rainbow

Just like flying through the galaxy

A power beyond ordinary.”

This song had a magical power: motivating them, pushing them to advance bravely, endeavor. On such a night, such a time, it had an even greater moving effect. 

Lan Ruo was stunned silent. He dumbly looked at Lu Shiqian, ‘This woman is amazing! She has a strong heart!’ He softly sang along with Lu Shiqian, following, another elf sang along. Soon, many elves were singing along. The forest became an ocean of music. The humans were also moved and joined in, “I want to live in full bloom, just like I’m soaring through the vast sky, just like I’m traveling through the boundless wilderness, with the power to break free of everything…”

Shuang Ruyue was also surprised. Looking at the proud singer, a mysterious emotion revealed itself in his eyes. 

The Son of Darkness licked his lips, a strange expression on his face. 

Milo looked at Lu Shiqian quietly as if only she existed in the world. 

“Master, you sing very well!” Hong Jin nuzzled her face with his small head. 

“Of course, just who is our master?” Yin excitedly praised, even more proud than when he was complimenting himself. 

Within Lu Shiqian’s body, the blood red magic beast area that was Bai Hu’s also shuddered slightly. Could it be that he also heard her song?

In a distant place, the king of the beastmen also listened to this song. 

What will you face tomorrow?

Everyone was filled with passion. 

There was only one person with mouse-like eyes that glared at Lu Shiqian viciously. 

Before the night ended, the forest was filled with sounds of the beastmen and their magic beasts as they trampled across the forest. There were even more of them than last time: more than 500,000 beastmen and 1 million magic beasts. They extended outwards endlessly, a grand scene!

This huge sound scared away many birds and broke the silence of the forest. With a chilling aura, they marched towards the humans with more than 50 times more troops than last time, a show of their determination. 

When everyone saw this huge army stand in front of themselves, how could they not be scared?

Besides, the beastmen were tall and mighty, their sharp claws and fangs shining in the moonlight! They were terrible war machines. Where they went, no life would remain! See how their eyes emitted a green glow in the night, ready to shred those who blocked them to pieces!

In the blink of an eye, the two armies were only a couple hundred meters apart, the air filled with a heavy atmosphere. Many people shook under the tremendous pressure, their eyes full of fear. 

Lu Shiqian walked slightly closer to Shuang Ruyue, and Shuang Ruyue and the Son of Darkness Dan Feiyang also came closer to her. 

Dan Feiyang was dressed fully in black, his appearance looked particularly evil. Shuang Ruyue and his looks were equally matched, but their temperaments were drastically different. If you said that Shuang Ruyue was like spring, then he was like winter; if you said that Shuang Ruyue was the bright sun, then he was the enchanting red moon. 

The Church of Darkness and Church of Light had been fighting for over a thousand years, their strength couldn’t be underestimated. If you seriously studied it, then the Church of Darkness had a longer history than the Church of Light! Compared to the Church of Light’s blatant display of authority and power— spreading their teachings and constructing their churches everywhere— the Church of Darkness was a lot more low-key. No one knows where their main church is either. 

The three looked at each other, conveying the same thing: work together to fight the enemy! Even if the Church of Light and Church of Darkness had their grudges, they had to save their own lives first before settling them!

Sometimes, great difficulties would make a great many retreat but for a very small proportion, the greater the difficulty, the more likely they were to unleash their full potential. Overcome the obstacles and reach a height that ordinary people can’t reach!

Lu Shiqian was this type, Shuang Ruyue was like this, and so was Dan Feiyang! 

Uncle Beard, muscleman Mengzi, and the gloomy youth also exchanged a look. Their eyes all conveyed their respect for each other. War is a cruel thing, but please… don’t die!

The beastmen didn’t attack urgently. One horse-bodied beastman walked out. He was the same as the one during the day, the upper part of his body the same as that of a man while the lower half was the body of a horse. He raised his voice and asked, “Who was the fool that dared to say that my King wouldn’t get the crown?”

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I didn't realize this was a song before but here's a link. The song is Wang Feng - Life in Full Bloom.

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