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Chapter 92

This is what Lu Shiqian said after the Death God displayed his prowess. She didn’t expect them to come and ask today. However, even if the Death God didn’t show his power, she still would’ve said the same thing. 

“It was her, esteemed one! It’s this b*tch that said it!” Mu He darted and crawled out from the crowd, pleading, “Esteemed ones, it’s this woman that doesn’t know what’s good for her that said so! Yesterday, your army was also destroyed by her and this man in black! Esteemed ones, please spare me!” Mu He pointed his finger at Lu Shiqian.

This traitor!

Everyone couldn’t help but glare at him, ‘How could there be such a despicable person?’

Lu Shiqian raised her brow slightly. She naturally wouldn’t take back her words, but someone selling her out in order to save his own life was another matter altogether. That was like eating a mouthful of flies. 

With a cold grunt, she walked towards Mu He. It looks like she let this pest live for too long. His skin was itching and his bones were creaking. 

Mu He saw Lu Shiqian walk towards him like a God of Slaughter and was scared to the point his face turned white. He screamed, “Esteemed ones, please save me! It’s this woman that said it, I am a good person!”

Was there anything more ridiculous than this? This piece of trash was asking the beastmen for help!

The beastmen were unmoved, and most of their eyes were filled with contempt. When Mu He crept slightly closer to them, they threateningly brandished their claws. 

Lu Shiqian looked at this sad person crawling disgustingly towards the beastmen. She couldn’t hold back anymore and leaped over, the dagger in his hands quickly ended his life.

This move greatly satisfied everyone!

“So you are the human that declared that you shall block me?” A majestic and proud voice came from behind the beastmen, carrying a hint of doubt and excitement. “I admire your courage and promise to not fight. I can allow you to leave.”

Lu Shiqian retreated to Shuang Ruyue and Dan Feiyang’s side, coldly declaring, “Not until my last breath.”

“…” the proud and majestic voice said, “In that case, subjects, attack!”

The beastmen shouted. This was war, this was just the beginning!

There was a huge disparity between the two forces. The beastmen were powerful and even though the humans and elves were brave, they couldn’t resist their tidal wave. 

Where would there be compassion on the battlefield? Human after human, elf after elf, went to go see the maker. Red and green blood splattered everywhere. 

There were around 10,000 humans and 20 or 30 thousand elves. How could they rival the beastman’s million troops?

However, no one retreated. They used desperate attack plans on the beastmen to delay their attack on the city. Some people clung to the beastmen and refused to let go; some people used their blood and wiped it in the beastmen’ eyes; some people hung on to the beastmen’ feet and dragged behind them…

There was only one place that successfully fended off the beastmen and seemed to have the upper hand. 

Shuang Ruyue called his magic beast, a white phoenix, out. The phoenix shone with a radiant white light and was around 7 to 8 meters long. There was an indescribable beauty on its feathers. Beneath its feet, a 15 Star magic pattern glowed. 

The white phoenix was originally a descendant of a legendary beast, the King of Beasts! It screamed melodiously and the beastmen were afraid to move forward. 

Even the unicorn from earlier appeared. This guy was a genius that contracted with 2 magic beasts!

“Phoenix, soul merge!” Shuang Ruyue shouted, “Unicorn, armor merge!”

His silver hair fluttered freely in the wind, the feathers of the phoenix decorating behind his ear and a phoenix symbol appearing on his forehead. There was a touch of black and light to his silver eyes. The silver-white armor was extremely flamboyant and wrapped his slender body tightly. Now, he was even more charming than before: more like a God of Light, more attracting worship than before!

His face carried a gentle and compassionate smile as he quietly said, “Wings of the Phoenix!” His voice carried a hint of a lover’s hoarseness. A white wing made of light swept towards the beastmen army. Where it went, fire would burn. 

Once the strong attack was released, there were 8 clear, horizontal stripes beneath Shuang Ruyue’s feet wrapped in an 8-ring circle. Yes, he was a Rank 8 Great Mage! 

Dan Feiyang didn’t lag behind and summoned his black qilin. Its scales were like black gems, six to seven meters long and three to four meters high. It looked very sacred and a 15 Star magic pattern glowed beneath its feet. 

Not to mention, the black qilin was also a descendant of a legendary magic beast just like the white phoenix. Its growth potential was immeasurable.

Dan Feiyang and his black qilin soul merged while his black unicorn armor merged. His black hair, armor, and eyes seemed dark to the extreme. A qilin mark also appeared in the middle of his forehead. He was also a genius that could contract 2 magic beasts!

He unleashed a strong attack and an 8-ring, 8-lines mark also appeared beneath his feet. He was also a Rank 8 Great Mage!

Since when were high level magic beasts and high level mages so common?

Compared to the two of them, Lu Shiqian this measly Rank 2 Mage was insignificant. However, don’t forget, Lu Shiqian still had Wang Cai, the horrible killing machine that was born solely for war. Recalling its power back in the Amethyst Palace, now that it’s at 18 Stars, he could morph into more shapes and of course his strength increased even more!

Watching Wang Cai summon a mob of lion-sized mechanical beasts, Lu Shiqian once again lamented. The one who created Wang Cai truly was a genius. A genius amongst geniuses!

The tens of thousands of magic beasts were invulnerable to guns and knives, and didn’t fear water or fire. Everything was helpless before them. 

The people were stunned and the beastmen were also shocked. Just like the sudden appearance of the Death God, where did this group of mechanic beasts come from? 

They rolled across the ground; their silver bodies were cutting like the edge of a knife. Where they went, they cut. The daggers on their body could also be rotated: where they went, they slashed. 

Shuang Ruyue, Dan Feiyang, and Lu Shiqian were the closest together. Even the two men who were showered in praise every day cast a surprised look at Lu Shiqian. 

Lu Shiqian innocently raised her hands. Even if they knew that she had Wang Cai, she still refused to own up to it.

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