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Chapter 93

Once Wang Cai made a move, it was indeed extraordinary. One against ten thousand means exactly this!

The other humans and elves soon gathered together. Fighting together would make it easier to repel the enemy!

The beastman leader wasn’t stupid either. He knew that Wang Cai was the greatest threat right now, “Four to a group, surround one monster! Others keep charging forward, don’t stop!” He knew what they wanted and what their purpose was. 

This method was truly effective. Four beastmen trapped one mechanic beast, yet that only used 40,000 beastmen. The others went around the mechanic beasts and continued to charge towards the city!

Even with Wang Cai’s humongous body, one paw swipe killing dozens of beastmen, it was still ineffective against the million troop army!

Once again, humans and elves fell like chopped wheat to the ground. The beastmen took down the rear fort in one fell swoop and continued onwards!

Milo passed the message on to Xiu Si and anxiously asked, “My King, perhaps we should use that now…”

Xiu Si solemnly nodded his head, “This is the only solution. Using it, I’m afraid that the forest won’t recover in the next hundred years…”

But if they didn’t use it, the elves would be wiped out along with their human reinforcements. This attack by the beastmen was just too fierce!

He walked into a room deep within the palace. There was a small decorative leaf on a green horn rested upon a velvet table. 

Xiu Si picked it up and closed his eyes in pain as he blew into it. 

The sound of the green horn was like a beautiful song, transmitting an urgent message: the City of the Elves is in danger of destruction!

The leaves of the forest began to rustle like they were talking. They seemed to be shouting: the City of the Elves is in danger of destruction!

The leaves began to move faster and faster. Then, the trunks of the trees began to move! They wobbled and shook like they were just awakening from a deep slumber. They broke apart the soil and moved like they suddenly grew feet!

There were wooden eyes and mouths on the trees. They changed from plants to animals!

When an enormous tree stood in front of the humans, staring up at the trunks that touched the sky, everyone thought they were dreaming!

What… is this?

Hundreds, thousands, no… millions of trees swayed and stood up! It was a mystical scene!

They were the last line of defense of the City of the Elves: they were tree people. 

All of them were giant trees thousands of years old. During their long lives, they also gathered quite a bit of spirituality and were able to be awakened by the green horn of the elves. They were the children of the Elf Lord’s Tree!

The trees that took over a dozen people to circle around showed its power, that kind of scene was just unimaginable. 

As the roots swept by, the beastmen that weren’t fast enough were cleaned out like garbage. As the trees swatted, the beastmen that couldn’t evade were slapped away like flies. Some trees merely sat down upon a group of beastmen. Like a bomb, the booming noise resounded far away.

They couldn’t help but sigh. The elves truly were the children of nature. Only they could possibly create such a miracle. 

The people who were shocked silly soon became ecstatic. With these tree people, were they still supposed to fear losing?

The tree people’s roots, trunks, branches, and even leaves were all killing machines. The shocked beastmen and magic beasts didn’t dare move forward. The tree people shook their branches, releasing a killing intent. They were intent on chasing these people out of their home!

The tree people created a path, and the humans and elves followed up to clean up the fish that escaped the net. They paired together seamlessly. 

The beastmen were forced backward continuously. 10 meters, 100 meters, 1000 meters…

With this momentum, the beastmen would definitely be chased out of the forest. Some people even smiled, preparing to embrace victory.

However, this was just a much-desired dream!

The majestic voice of the Beastman King once again spread out from the beastmen army, “Xiu Si really used this trick. However, I made preparations long ago. Your advance halts here.”

Lu Shiqian sat on a tall tree and vaguely made out 10,000 tall beastmen in the distance. The noise was also coming from that direction. Her eyes didn’t lie to her, that horse-bodied beastman was a true talent! To tame these savage beastmen into obedient and well-ordered soldiers, he truly was amazing!

This horse-bodied beastman was truly prodigious. If you investigated, they could also be regarded as the descendants of God, with traces of them in the Grand Era of Magic.   

Legend has it that this world has experienced four eras in total: the Era of the Gods, the Grand Era of Magic, the Era of Chaos, and the current era was the Era of Empires. But for some reason, books only recorded history starting after the Era of Chaos. As for before the Era of Chaos, the Grand Era of Magic has become but a legend. And the Era of the Gods was only mentioned in a few ancient works. Lu Shiqian read through a few of these works back in the Lu ancestral mansion. Thinking back on it, it probably had to do with Lu Wushuang. He loved to collect works that had to do with the Grand Era of Magic and Gods. The Lu family carried on this tradition and amassed quite a collection over the past 500 years. When that world’s Luan Hualian crossed over into this world and became Lu Shiqian, it was through these works that she understood this world. It was quite coincidental. 

Back to the topic, that horse-bodied beastman was a combination of the good points of magic beasts and human. They were wise, open-minded, and could contract magic beasts. They also had the innate abilities of magic beasts: powerful, can form a magic beast core. However, perhaps because it was too strong, it couldn’t reproduce easily. Therefore, even though it was the Beastman King, there were very few of them. Meeting just one was very difficult!

As soon as the Beastman King finished speaking, the beastmen army immediately parted into many lanes. Behind them, many machines that resembled catapults were pushed out. 

Could it be… Lu Shiqian’s heart tensed and shouted, “Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

The Beastman King ordered, “Ignite, fire!” 

What did trees and the like fear most? Not knives nor axes but rather fire!

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