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Chapter 94

Little balls of fire wouldn’t pose a threat to them. During the previous battle, they didn’t exactly hold back on using fire either. 

But the situation now was radically different. Large balls of fire were chucked towards the treemen. They fell on the canopy, trunks, and large roots of the trees. 

The treemen panicked. They were awakened by the horn so they felt a sense of pain and fear from the crisis. Even though they shook the dew droplets off their leaves to put out some of the fire, under the sky full of fireballs, it was hard to not burn. 

“Retreat! Put out the fire!” Shuang Ruyue organized the Church of Light’s people and shouted at the same time. 

Half of the treemen retreated while the others were on fire. The screams of the treemen from pain sounded like a horn, making the ones who heard it feel bitter. 

The ones closest to the treemen— the elves— frantically tried to put out the fire. The elves usually had water and wood magic attributes, all squeezing out water-attribute spells. 

Young Lan Ruo’s eyes filled with tears of anger and sorrow. This strong child did not cry even when facing a 10,000 beastmen army. If tears could extinguish the fire, he was willing to cry out every drop of liquid in his body!

Milo was at the top of Rank 8, and the spells he cast were indeed powerful. However, he could only put out a single tree’s fire. Besides, even though the elves were the children of nature, they still had a limit of magic power within their bodies. After casting a few large-scale spells, he had to be supported by other elves. 

Merely a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood!

Lu Shiqian stood on one of the humongous treemen. The tree was burning up terribly, the red tongues of flames curling up around her, seemingly contemplating which place to bite. 

The humans and elves on the ground were a mess, how could they have the leisure to notice that she was still standing on a burning tree?

Only Shuang Ruyue, who was constantly looking out for her, and Dan Feiyang looked up and saw her. Their hearts tensed and looking closely at the person on the tree, they slowly calmed down. 

Yes, the tree Lu Shiqian was standing on was burning. However, what seemed to be a terrifying fire couldn’t burn even a single leaf on the tree. Soon, one after another tree was the same: not even a single leaf could be burnt!

The elves were the first to notice this discrepancy. With doubts, Lan Ruo carefully stuck his hand into the fire. Woah, it actually didn’t burn at all! Not only was it not hot, it was even gentle! 

Other people also soon discovered this point, all sticking their hands into the fire in amazement, experiencing first-hand this not-hot fire. 

At this time, Lu Shiqian’s eyes were closed, her fan-like eyelashes spread out on her lower eyelid. Her face was red, like she was drunk, her fire-red hair fluttering in the wind. The mark on her forehead became more and more red, a stark contrast from her jade-white skin. Her rouge red lips stole others’ hearts away!

Large amounts of fire magic power poured into her body.

The fire magic given off by the 5,000 treemen were enough to fill a little of her magic seas! Even though it was still a little pitiful in front of her 100 magic seas, only a mere 4%, it was still quite good!

She opened her eyes that were red like rubies and slightly lifted the corners of her lips, revealing a sly smile. 

She absorbed a lot of fire magic power and there seemed to be some side effects. Lu Shiqian was a little more impulsive right now. 

Shuang Ruyue narrowed his eyes as he looked at the fire-like woman, suddenly giving birth to a thought of hugging her tightly within his embrace. He really wanted to steal the smile on her face, plucking her rouge red lips. 

Dan Feiyang was also taken aback as he looked at the fiery goddess, slowly growing determined to take her for his own!

Was it fate that these two powerful rivals would give their heart for the same person?

As the rest of the humans and elves looked at this enchanting woman, they were also sucked in by her playful smile, their hearts beating out of control!

“Master, I want to fight!” Hong Jin was originally a fire-type magic beast. Absorbing all the fire magic power would make him break through to 14 Stars. 

Yin was still merged with her soul, so Hong Jin’s advancement pattern lit up beneath her feet. The extravagant 14 Star pattern cast Lu Shiqian’s body with a red glow, shining with vigor!

That advancement pattern was very flashy; it was hard for people to not notice it. 

“Holy, 14 Stars…”

“Am I still dreaming?”

“Pitiful me doesn’t even have a 2 Star magic beast yet!”

“It’s actually only 1 star less than the Son of Light’s phoenix!”

Lu Shiqian, Son of Light Shuang Ruyue, Son of Darkness Dan Feiyang, the tree gathered together and each took a corner. Those three were prideful like the heavens, openly arrogant, black to the core, and brilliantly blinding. Added to the fact that the three were unparalleled in appearance, the people watching couldn’t help but feel pleased. Both men and women fell in love. 

On the side of the beastmen, seeing that the fire attack didn’t work, the Beastman King walked over. Where he went, the others gave way!

When they looked, the Beastman King was indeed very good!

They only saw his head of blonde hair wearing a purple-gold crown inlaid with jewels. His face was sharp like a knife, eyes like sapphires, broad shoulders, and his eight-pack was very striking! He turned out to be a beautiful man! However, this beautiful man had the lower body of a horse! Alright, that horse body also seemed powerful with beautiful contours!

This horse-bodied beastman was the current Beastman King Fuyi! He indeed had the prestige to make the other beastmen bow to him. The aura coming off his body was also quite domineering!

Dan Feiyang slightly furrowed his eyebrows, “This beastman’s level is higher than mine!”

He was already a Rank 8 Great Mage! If he’s stronger than him, could he be a saint?

Even though the Rank 9 saints were only one rank higher than Rank 8, the difference between them was like heaven and earth! Rank 8 was a threshold, the people that could pass through it every thousand years was fewer than few. Becoming a saint meant beginning to understand the rules. Following their passion, they try to become Gods!

And Gods, on the Devil Dance continent, were only legends!

Saints were already the pinnacle existence on Devil Dance continent!

“You… are very good.” Fuyi looked at Lu Shiqian and said, “I must take over the City of the Elves. If you don’t fight, I can let you go.”

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