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Chapter 95

“Not until my last breath!” She stated the same as last time with the same firmness. The light in her eyes convinced others of her conviction. 

The current situation was as follows: even though the fire attack didn’t work, the treemen army still didn’t dare rashly charge forward. 

The two sides were in a deadlock. 

At this moment, a huge magic array shone from the elf fortress and another 20,000 soldiers were teleported over. Although these 20,000 people weren’t comparable to the other’s million troop army, they were enough to quell the anxiety in their hearts, greatly increasing morale! 

Amongst these people was a deputy head of Crimson Wolf. He brought with him 1,000 members, confident in the success of this S-Rank mission. 

Qiu Di saw Lu Shiqian and ran over. She took out her crescent moon scimitar and prepared for battle. 

“My good sister, you’ve worked hard. I’m here now.” Qiu Di anxiously asked, “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Lu Shiqian was fond of this fiery woman. She comforted, “Sis worried much for me. I’m fine, no problems.” 

The night was darkest before dawn. There was suddenly a flash across the sky, it was dawn!

However, the war between the elves and beastmen will continue. Once dawn arrives, the battle would most likely only be fiercer!

When the first ray of sunshine fell upon the ground, the forest, and the Beastman King, the Beastman King yelled, “Attack!”

Fifty thousand beastmen and a million magic beasts raised their heads and roared. 

Snow Leopards, Ice Wolves, Forest Panthers, Spotted Cheetahs, many more sharp-toothed beasts, Saber-toothed Bears… All kinds of magic beasts rushed forward. Led by the unruly beastmen, their momentum was unstoppable!

The million troops were no longer scattered. Instead, they gathered together and charged straight towards the City of the Elves. 

When these troops twisted into a tight rope, no force could stop them. The beastmen opened the way on the two sides, joining together to repel the treemen’s attacks. The beastmen in the middle had no obstructions and without any hindrances, ran straight for the city! When the million troop army gave up its other purposes and only had one goal in mind, that kind of terrible drive was unimaginable!

Lu Shiqian moved!

The wind… also moved, blowing in like a fierce tempest!

Lu Shiqian’s red hair fluttered in the air with Wang Cai’s weapon merge. She was going to kill the Beastman King! That was the only way to stop the beastmen from moving forward!

The second style of the Heavenly Swinging Sword was unleashed! Lu Shiqian was beautiful like the scudding clouds. It was beautiful, yet contained a chilling killing intent!

One sword killed over 50 powerful beastmen around the Beastman King. 

Her move was strong, very strong!

Except, this Fuyi, was he such an easy person to get rid of? Besides the tens of thousands of guards surrounding him, he by himself was also a strong saint!

Lu Shiqian’s sword was extremely powerful, but due to her level limit, she could only use 1% of the strike’s power. Her sword, after killing dozens of powerhouses, was stopped by Fuyi’s two fingers. 

“I admire your courage, but you… are too weak!” A palm strike added with a kick from his hooves sent Lu Shiqian flying tens of meters away! Seeing her getting kicked away, Shuang Ruyue and Dan Feiyang flew towards the Beastman King. But before they could get halfway there, their bodies suddenly froze and they couldn’t move. It was a domain!

After casting a domain, no one under the Saint rank could resist. No matter what kind of peerless genius you were, no matter what type of achievements you achieved, in front of a saint, it was all completely useless!

Lu Shiqian took out a bottle of medicine and gulped down half of it. Compared to the Death God’s iron fists and legs, Fuyi’s strike was significantly less powerful. Since she could resist the Death God’s strikes, Fuyi’s were no problem at all!

She got up and attacked again. Under the cover of the sky full of small fireballs, Lu Shiqian kicked towards the neck of the Beastman King!

Even though her shot angle was clever and powerful, he was indeed worthy of being a saint. Even unprepared, Fuyi’s counterattack was drastically different from the Death God’s lenient strikes due to curiosity. The Beastman King’s attack could be counted as leaving no room for pity. One strike brought down the sky, added with a hoof kick, Lu Shiqian was frozen like ice and kicked far away once again. She slid back harshly, adding another hundred or so meters!

Fortunately, Lu Shiqian had five different attributes and wasn’t afraid of freezing. Added with Hong Jin melting the ice from inside and Qiu Di from the outside, Lu Shiqian quickly walked out from the ice!

Even though trying to advance while having a hundred magic seas was like scaling the heavens, there was also an advantage that other mages dreamed of having. That advantage was: no matter how she used magic, there was always a constant stream of magic power supplying her. She never had to worry about a day where she would run out of magic power!

It’s easy to understand. If other people used cups to fill with water, Lu Shiqian used seas to fill! It goes without saying that the gap was simply too big!

That’s why while the elves and humans were exhausted from the day’s battle, Lu Shiqian had only just begun to warm up! 

Since the Small Fireballs didn’t work, then she’ll use Small Iceballs! Would a sky full of small iceballs work? 

Would smashing into a pile of rocks be okay if you were sent flying? 

Fireballs, iceballs, stone, metal, wood, Lu Shiqian went on a rotation basis. Occasionally, she would supplement the others with some Elementary Healing spells. Her performance amazed Fuyi more and more!

However, with her actions, she definitely posed as a hindrance to their advance. Unable to continue standing by, Fuyi raised his hand and used his domain on her!

Within the domain, Lu Shiqian’s body felt so heavy she couldn’t move!

Soon, the beastmen army arrived below the City of the Elves. The elves quickly rang the alarm and the young, old, and female elves in the city quickly ran towards the ancestor tree. They gathered in the Elf King’s palace and sook the Elf Lord Tree’s protection!

The Elf Lord Tree was the largest tree in the forest. No one knew just how big and old it was. Its shadow can shade the entire forest, it grew into the heavens. Its trunk was so thick you couldn’t see the sides. It was the oldest tree on the entire Devil Dance continent!

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