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Chapter 96

The elves were also born from its seeds! 

Xiu Si scrunched up his beautiful brows. The beastman attack was so fierce, were the elves going to become history today?

That Beastman King must also know that the Elf Lord Tree was the elves’ life. If he ordered his soldiers to chop down the tree… Oh Lord, he doesn’t dare to continue thinking down that path. 

Perhaps he should give that “head” to them?

Xiu Si quickly scrapped the idea. Even if the elves were to be destroyed, they would still not hand that over to the beastmen! Otherwise, he’d be a sinner, a sinner to all the other races!

‘My people, I’m so sorry! Your King has let you down!’

Xiu Si arrived in front of an elven scripture and slit his wrists. His green blood slowly dripped onto the page which gradually began to glow!

Every Elf King had a power. By sacrificing their own life, they could put the City of the Elves into a deep sleep for 10 years. 

The forest slowly shook and vines 2-3 people thick erupted from the ground, slowly covering up the city!

Seeing the sudden vines, the elves couldn’t help but feel grieved. They naturally knew why vines covered the City of the Elves. That was their King’s firm heart, his determination to protect his people and city with his life!

With the sacrifice of his life, the wrapped up city would sink into the ground, resurfacing only 10 years later. Even though this method can help the elves avoid annihilation, it also caused great damage to them. Elves loved the sun and nature, life and the arts, forcing them to stay underground for 10 years would cause a great impact to their minds and bodies. In the future, the talent of the future elves would also diminish!

This was also a last resort for Xiu Si! 

The Beastman King saw the City of Elves about to be wrapped up by vines. If it sunk into the ground, all his efforts would be in vain!

He no longer hesitated and ordered, “Attack!”

The million-strong army immediately charged towards the city, unleashing spells and magic beast abilities. They treated the City of the Elves like a sandbag, using whatever method at their disposal! 

Lu Shiqian looked at the sinking City of the Elves and felt anxious. Lan Ruo cried as he told her everything: the moment the city sinks underground will also be the moment Xiu Si dies. Furthermore, the elves outside that didn’t receive the protection of the Elf Lord Tree would all die! 

Is there any way? Is there a solution? Think of something! A resolution like this is too shabby, too unresigned! 

Her strong emotions resonated with her a certain isolated magic beast area!

A carefree laugh spread through the battlefield! 

The laugh was overbearing and domineering as if he was the only one in the world!

The beastmen and magic beasts trembled violently to the point they fell to the ground and shook uncontrollably. It was just too scary, too terrifying!

Fuyi resisted a few times but also fell to the ground!

This was a spectacular scene. Millions of beastmen and magic beasts fell to the ground, covering a large expanse in black. They were respectful and fearful, and didn’t dare to move in the slightest. They could only wait for the king to pass down orders from above!

The humans were also so shocked their eyes widened. They could feel the tremendous pressure upon them. What kind of monster has appeared this time? 

A huge blood-red pattern glowed beneath everyone’s feet, covering half of the forest. The pattern was so complex and extravagant that others didn’t dare to look at it. 

His hair flowed to his feet, this was just how it is, no matter how beautiful the pattern, it couldn’t even match up to a millionth of him. His eyes were dark like the night, yet glittered with stars. Two tails added a bewitching charm while his sword-like eyebrows carried an inexplicable domineering attitude. The five-pointed black star on his forehead deepened the mystery around him. His face… even God would sigh when he sees it. His white robes hung loosely off him. The style was different from last time, but it was equally gorgeous. On the contrary, the relaxed way he wore it only increased his overbearing aura. 

After recovering for some time, he looked even more beautiful now. The aura he gave off was also more powerful now. Of course, he looked frightening at the moment. 

Bai Hu floated over to Lu Shiqian and hugged her tight, touching her lips and saying, “Did you meet something difficult that you need me to resolve, Dumbo?”

Seeing Bai Hu again, Lu Shiqian’s brain once again crashed: ‘This devilish beauty!’

Bai Hu glanced at the million beastmen and magic beasts. He slowly asked, “They were looking for trouble?” He looked at the sinking City of the Elves and chuckled, “There’s something good within that palace.” 

He waved his sleeves and the sinking of the city abruptly stopped. The vines disappeared and the blood Xiu Si let out miraculously flowed back into his body. 

This one move was too shocking!

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched and she speechlessly wondered, “Is he just here to scare the crap out of people?”

Bai Hu gently looked at Lu Shiqian, his finger drawing circles on her lips, “Master, if you think that way, I will be sad.” His eyes were enchanting and he said in a low voice, “My tender heart has been hurt once again! Master has to compensate me!”

Lu Shiqian had a bad feeling in her gut. She stammered, “What compensation?” 

Feeling a numbing sensation coming from his finger, Bai Hu narrowed his enchanting eyes and said, “The compensation is…”

He lowered his head and stole her lips!

Boom. Lu Shiqian felt like fireworks went off in her head. She was stunned!

Bai Hu was devilishly handsome; no one in the world can outmatch him. The White Tigers was also the number one race in the world back then.

When such a person leaned down and kissed someone, both men and women, young and old blushed fiercely!

‘Could you be any more shameless? There were a million magic beasts, five hundred thousand beastmen, a couple tens of thousands of elves, and a few thousand humans watching!’

Seeing this scene, the ever-present smile on Shuang Ruyue’s face almost fell off. Dan Feiyang’s face also turned darker by a few shades. 

But at this time, Bai Hu seemed to be immersed in the kiss. First, it was a light touch and probe. Later, as if tasting something good, he slowly deepened the kiss. He even stuck out his playful tongue to tangle with her pink tongue!

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