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Chapter 97

Fireworks were going off in Lu Shiqian’s head. She adapted quickly and opened her eyes, looking at that sinful face. She asked, “Aren’t you recovering from your injuries? Are you better now?”

Bai Hu kissed her lips a few times and seemingly satisfied, he gently responded, “Not yet.” 

Lu Shiqian narrowed her eyes, “And you still come out without properly tending to your injuries?” Glaring at Bai Hu, Lu Shiqian almost went dumb from his beauty. Aiyah, being so beautiful should be a sin!

Bai Hu seemed grieved as he said, “If I didn’t come out, Dumbo would definitely be sad. I don’t want Dumbo to be sad, so I came out.” 

“…” Even though Bai Hu said it somewhat playfully, she could understand the hidden meaning behind his words. Lu Shiqian’s heart panged, “I’m sorry. It’s because I’m too weak.” 

If she were stronger, then perhaps Bai Hu wouldn’t have needed to come out. Looking at the beasts oppressed under the black cloud and then at the City of the Elves, maybe even if she were stronger, she still wouldn’t be able to do it. In the face of Bai Hu’s overpowering strength, everyone would feel a sense of loss.

Bai Hu shook his jade-white finger, “No need to apologize, Dumbo. I know that you’re working hard.” In the end, he added, “Although, it is true that Dumbo is so weak that I can squish you to death with one finger.” 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, is there such a way of comforting people? 

Bai Hu swept his eyes over the beasts, unleashing a domineering kingly aura causing the beasts’ hearts to shake once again. 

Bai Hu deserved to be called a king: a king amongst kings!

The higher level the magic beast, the more scared they were of him. The beastmen and magic beasts reached an unspoken agreement, and they both surrendered to Bai Hu. 

As the children of nature, the elves were naturally convinced and awed by Bai Hu’s power. 

Humans that were Rank 7 had it easier than those that were Rank 7 and above, who felt like there was a giant mountain pressing on their back. The higher level you were, the more pressure you felt! 

With Bai Hu’s pride, he naturally wouldn’t pressure those that were Rank 7 and below. In fact, he was actually too lazy to give any of these creatures a second glance with his noble eyes. But for his dumb master… ahh, he’ll just take the loss this once! 

“You magic beasts 5 Stars and above come out. Those below that can scram,” Bai Hu raised his beautiful eyebrows. 

Another tremor passed through the hearts of the magic beasts. Very quickly, those that were 5 Stars and above tremblingly walked out, ready to accept whatever was dished out at them. These magic beasts were carefully groomed by the beastmen so their quality was high, most were between 5 Stars and 7 Stars. Those that weren’t 5 Stars were like a big cockroach, shrinking back over a hundred steps before running away at the speed of light. That speed was really utilizing their full potential! 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, weren’t they exaggerating a bit? 

Bai Hu smiled a smile that wasn’t a smile at Lu Shiqian in his arms. That expression was enough to knock a person silly. He telepathically said, “Dumbo, I’m not ‘that guy.’ Dumbo can call me Bai, if you get it wrong again, I’ll punish you.” all the while looking at Lu Shiqian’s red lips. He subconsciously licked his lips. 

Lu Shiqian immediately felt blood rushing to her head and hurriedly nodded. 

Bai Hu also moved to the beastmen and slowly said, “As for the beastmen… Other than this horse here, you guys can all scram.” 

The fifty thousand beastmen shuddered. They couldn’t abandon their king, but the king amongst kings had spoken, did they dare to resist?

The answer was no, so they also shrank back a hundred meters and ran away at the speed of light. Needless to say, they were utilizing their full potential! No one willing to fall behind the other!

Amazing, simply amazing! A million-strong iron army was scattered with just a few casual words?! Heavens, Mother Earth! How could there be such a person in this world? One against a million was understandable, but he hadn’t made a single move yet!

The shocked people felt a sudden confusion towards life. They all stared blankly, creased their brows, and looked at that king. 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched once again. ‘This… Bai, you’re just a little too OP there, aren’t you?!’

Bai Hu looked at Lu Shiqian amusedly. The Dumbo was quite obedient. The more he looked at her, the more he liked her. He couldn’t resist kissing her lips a few more times. 

“…” Lu Shiqian grievously said, “I didn’t make a mistake.” 

“I know, but I wanted to kiss you.” Bai Hu domineeringly said, one finger on her lips, lightly caressing it. 

Lu Shiqian was speechless. She never had any temper facing him. Feeling the slightly numbing feeling coming from her lips, she decided to fight for herself, “Can you put me down first?” 

“Why?” Bai Hu slightly raised his eyebrow, a few strands of his silver hair falling lightly on Lu Shiqian’s face. Itchy…

“People are looking…” Lu Shiqian didn’t care that others were watching. She just didn’t want to be eaten by this white tiger.

However, Bai Hu seemed to misunderstand her meaning and nodded his head. He blinked at the humans present at the scene, “You all can leave now.” 

Everyone was chilled and if they could, they would’ve grown an extra two legs to run away as far and fast as possible. That person was just that terrifying!

The two bishops of the Church of Light looked at each other. During the elves’ crisis, when the Elf King gave out those tempting rewards, they wanted to monopolize it and form an alliance with the elves. By that time, the Church of Light’s strength would increase by a level. However, everything was now ruined by this mysterious esteemed one. A few people were still scared and shock, yet were still greedy for the rewards. Some people said, “We still haven’t gotten the Elf King’s promised rewards…” 

They had forgotten that without Bai Hu, the question of whether they would’ve even walked out of the forest was unknown! Humans were just greedy like that. The Church of Light was even more so!

Bai Hu glanced at those five people. They felt an enormous mountain pressing down on them and flew out over 50 meters away, landing in a heap on the floor and coughing up blood!

Those five people had high statuses so they were naturally strong. They were all at the peak of the eighth rank, yet they couldn’t even resist against a casual glance from Bai Hu!

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