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Chapter 98

Just a single glance contained so much power!

Their eyes were about to pop out of their sockets! Ignoring that scattering of the million-strong army of magic beasts and beastmen, without seeing him make an actual move, they couldn’t gauge just how strong he actually was. Now, even fish would understand how powerful he truly was!

Lu Shiqian finally slightly understood how strong Bai Hu was, 9/10 of his power had even been sealed away! This… Bai was way too scary!

Bai Hu chuckled, “Dumbo, be glad you corrected yourself fast.” This small smile exuded countless charm, making the people watching want to spurt blood from their nose. 

‘Bai Hu— Bai was like a tsunami, like a disaster that constantly plagued the Yangtze River!’ Lu Shiqian speechlessly thought. 

“What is the Yangtze River? Whatever, I’ll ask you later. It’s just… Dumbo, don’t so easily reveal your thoughts to others.” Bai Hu menacingly stared at Lu Shiqian’s red lips. 

Lu Shiqian quickly nodded his head. Aii! She was going to be eaten to death by this white tiger! How tragic!

“You noble ones don’t have to worry. I will honor all of my promises. After we return to the East Wind County, I will give you the promised magic stones and gold coins.” After communicating telepathically, Xiu Si’s gentle voice drifted over. 

When everyone heard it, they couldn’t help but cheer. This was a great thing! They all looked at Bai Hu with fear and gratitude. The Crimson Wolf mercenaries were even more excited. They had completed their first S-Rank mission and took another huge step forward towards! After the battle, Crimson Wolf’s reputation would definitely increase drastically! Qiu Di proudly looked at Lu Shiqian, happy that she had such an amazing little sister!

Only the Church of Light was dissatisfied, but in front of the overbearing Bai Hu, did they have the guts to say anything else? 

A huge teleporting array appeared underneath the group’s feet. It would probably take them to the East Wind County. 

The Son of Light and Son of Darkness attentively looked at Lu Shiqian in the arms of Bai Hu and clenched their fists. Next time they meet, they would definitely fight to get her! After sending everyone away, Bai Hu loudly declared, “Let’s go into the city.” He glanced at the magic beasts behind him, “You all follow.” 

The magic beasts shrunk in fear and followed closely. The fierce and ruthless beasts all lowered their head and flattened their ears, as obediently as Wang Cai!

The Beastman King Fuyi had a million different kinds of feelings in his heart, but he also didn’t dare to not follow. 

The Elf King Xiu Si said, “Your Majesty, please enter.” 

In front of Bai Hu’s tremendous power, everyone parted to make way for him. Xiu Si was no exception. 

Bai Hu gently looked at Lu Shiqian. It’s about time he gained some prestige for this little idiot.

He waved his sleeves and instantly transported the magic beasts and elves into the city. 

When the white winged unicorn in the lake saw Bai Hu, it shuddered and knelt, its big eyes revealing its terror. 

Bai Hu contently nodded his head. He moved the unicorn in front of him and lightly said, “We’ll start from you then.” 

The white winged unicorn shrunk away and lowered its head. 

Brother Bai Hu, you’re so bad! Hahaha!

Bai gently looked at Lu Shiqian. Only to her would he show such kind and tender eyes. As for the others, even if he wasn’t suppressing them, no one would dare to look into his eyes anyways. 

Lu Shiqian was speechless for a moment. Bai couldn’t possibly want her to contract with this white winged unicorn, right? That was the guardian horse of the elves!

Bai sharply narrowed his eyes signaling that he was indeed telling her to contract with this unicorn!

Looking around, the elves didn’t seem to be unwilling. Alright, most of them hadn’t returned to their senses yet. 

“Dumbo, to increase your strength, you’ll have to contract with more magic beasts.” Bai pinched Lu Shiqian’s nose and set her down. 

Coming up empty was no good. Bai gently licked his sexy red lips, warmly looking at that black-haired woman in front of him.

A person like Bai, as overbearing as the heavens, devilishly beautiful, no matter what he does, it doesn’t seem overboard. However, even when he was gentle, he could still kill people. Such a person, whatever he does would be forgiven. Whether it was extreme, arrogant, unruly, or enchanting… However, when he decides to be gentle, that tenderness caused women to go crazy while men to feel inferior. 

‘Why do I have such feelings for this little idiot?’ Bai’s eyes glazed over, his thoughts wandering who knows where. 

Lu Shiqian placed her hand on top of the white winged unicorn. Bai was right, if she wanted to increase her strength, then she’ll have to work hard! She can’t let go of any opportunities!

The unicorn’s big black eyes also stared back into Lu Shiqian’s eyes. This woman gave her a good feeling. He was willing to contract if it was with her. 

There were no obstructions and the unicorn was very calm and obedient, the contract was quickly finished. 

Another magic beast space appeared in her body. A purple contract and advancement pattern appeared beneath the unicorn thrice. The white winged unicorn was now 23 Stars! 

The unicorn was stunned. How many years had it been stuck at 20 Stars already? Working hard to no avail, what was this now? One contract and boom! He was 23 Stars! He energetically looked at Lu Shiqian and walked over, rubbing his head against her hand. 

The elves were also shocked. The pitiful elves were surprised too many times today. To think that their guardian horse would rank up! This was a great thing for the elves! The white unicorn was closely related to the Elf Lord Tree. If the unicorn advances, the Elf Lord Tree would be delighted and the elves would also reap some benefits! 

“Next,” Bai smiled slightly, “the elves can come up and contract.”

Bai said it easily like he was saying “let’s eat cabbage for lunch today” rather than something incredulous! He himself didn’t know it though. 

He wanted Lu Shiqian to contract with the entire elf species, was that it? He wanted her to take the entire race into her control, was that it? He took the elves’ guardian horse and now he wants to beat the elves into a dead end? Was that it? 

God, if these words were spread, how many people would be shocked to death? He even said it like he was only buying cabbage! 

Bai, could you be any more insane?!

The elves looked at each other. On one hand, they didn’t dare disobey Bai Hu. On the other hand, Bai Hu indeed saved them from their greatest crisis. The elves were a graceful race. It was reasonable to say that they would agree to any request their benefactor requests of them. However, there had never been a person that could contract with an elf! 

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